April Update !!! Still Alive.

We've been moving for what seems like forever! Finally took the last load to storage and the dump last week and took out the trash for the last time this past Monday.

We are both really liking the new place even though there is so much to do here. There was no plumbing so I had to run that and build counters and install sinks and a bathtub/shower.

Now that we are mostly unpacked and have arranged the space so we can use it (its just one big room (except the bathroom and laundry). I am hoping to get recovered from moving enough to start writing more again. I am wiped!

I found a chiropractor I can recommend right across the street from the studio - Dr. Rocky Stone.
That's in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He is helping me alot with my structural issues and my fucked up knee. I think I tore a ligament from it's attachment (5 months ago) and moving has made it a lot worse.

It's a drag because this is just the kind of thing that I fix for other people so easily and yet I can't fix my own problem with it. Dr. Stone is helping a lot though and Kita said today that she might be willing to try a little energy work on it for me.

I'm planning on re-opening my practice here soon. I got to feel a few years back like I cared about my patients health much more than they did and rarely found patient to be following instructions for getting well at home (diet and exercise), so when my last patient got well, I quit taking more.

So I'm going to start taking patients again. At the same time, I am starting my own record label, so I should stay pretty busy.

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