Hicks Dairy - North Branch Michigan - June 2012 UPDATE

June 12 Update:  It looks like Jenny's relationship revenge campaign to sabotage Kevin's business worked at getting a few shareholders to ditch out on their contracts, even though in her barrage of emails after quitting him with no notice, she maintained that he was an honest, hardworking, dependable and caring dairy farmer.

So a few people seem to have jumped ship to go with the web-person and delivery girl instead of keeping their contract with the guy who was actually providing them with a quality product and caring for their cows.

Kevin is taking excellent care of the shareholders who stayed with him and showing his dedication to those who believed in him and appreciated the quality of his services.  It's actually kind of nice to be handed your milk from the guy who personally did the milking this morning.

Well, GOOD NEWS for all the people who have been on one of the many year long (or more) waiting lists to purchase a cow share in SE Michigan.  Kevin has a few cow shares for sale.

This is one of those "get it while it lasts" kind of things as the methods of producing raw, pastured dairy make it impossible to "just get more cows" when your supply has matched the demand.  Each cow needs an acre of pasture and personal care that "factory" dairy cows don't get.
Take a look here:  http://www.docloco.com/2012/06/raw-milk-cow-shares-available-from.html

And in addition to having your cow cared for and milked, to also have your milk delivered is a pretty nice deal as opposed to making a 4 hour round trip to the farm every week.

Want to read about some of the health benefits of raw, organic, pastured milk?  Click Here.

NEW! June 15 update from Kevin Hicks. 

We have appreciated the dedication of Jenny Samuelson who has delivered the products for  Kevin Hicks at Hicks Dairy  hicksorganicfood.com in North Branch, Michigan.

But recently Jenny let her personal relationship with her (now ex) boyfriend Kevin sabotage all of the Dairy's organic food purchasers and cow-share holders by absconding with all his contracts and client information.

The cow share contracts are between the holder and Kevin.  Sadly Jenny handled this very poorly.

She has my sympathy but I cannot support her actions.

Now she wants to set up an alternate system for obtaining Raw Milk that has dubious legality and is also unfair to Kevin as she has stolen all his contacts and client paperwork, taken down his webpages and taken control of his email.

Jenny, in repeated emails contends that Kevin Hicks is a good, honest, reliable, dedicated and dependable farmer - the only problem being they don't personally get along so well anymore.

Kevin has indicated that he intends to maintain deliveries without interruption and that he is extending ordering time to accommodate the "problems".

Jenny has said she will be returning his contracts to him by this coming Monday.
She is still sending emails as Hicks Dairy - a blatant misrepresentation.
Jenny made sure that Kevin cannot even make contact with his clients.
So if you have a contract, you need to contact him.

I have serious doubts that her new coop is legitimate or legal.  I recommend share holders stay with Kevin instead of joining Jenny in her rash, retributive attempt to destroy Kevin's business over a failed romantic relationship, not a business issue.

You can contact Kevin directly.

His phone number is 810-523-3771

Orders will still be taken today (Saturday, June 2nd) and tomorrow for this coming week,  but must be sent to his NEW email address:

I'm sad that they have had relationship problems, but business is business and your contract is with Kevin Hicks and Hicks Dairy.


  1. I was told Kevin has my contract.

  2. I hope Kevin will not have any future girlfriends doing delivery. Business and pleasure should never be mix and I would hate to go through this again due to his personal life.

    I am going evaluate and make the best decision for my family in time and drive to pick up.

    1. Well he does! hope he take the reins on the business though. I am hoping he learned his lesson. How many times can you lose a truck etc. because of a relationship going bad. Hope only once. His new girl is much nicer.

  3. Yes, almost always you should never be in business with someone you are sleeping with and you should not sleep with someone you are doing business with. It certainly is true that "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned." The drama has been unnecessary, unprofessional and overwhelming. No drama from Kevin - he's been very responsive. The contracts were supposed to be all returned to Kevin today. He told me that tomorrow's delivery will be on schedule. I'm sure business security will be tighter from now on. History has repeatedly proven however that men are often simply not capable of thinking with their bigger brain. After a few embarrassments, we usually make life harder for future companions by trying to be more rational. Sometimes life just sucks. I've always liked Jenny but I feel she was abusive and insensitive to the shareholders. I resent her attempt to take us all hostage and drag us into her personal affairs. I am very disappointed at what she considered an appropriate way to handle business.

  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I had a share with Kevin Hicks and was told I would not be delivered to by Jenny because I disagreed with her weekly abusive emails to the members. I feel that people who put their orders in on time, who pay on time should not have to deal with the ranting of the non payment and constant badgering about getting orders in on time or else. It is simple if you don't have your order in on time you won't have milk. Believe me people learn. If you don't pay you don't get milk people learn, but to make the people who do everything by the rules and have to read the constant badgering well it is just poor business. I miss the milk but will never miss that behavior and total lack of customer appreciation. Like I said however she disagreed this is not free! I am paying for this so why the abuse??? Well she could not understand so she said no more milk for me. So be it. Unfortunately they do not deliver to a location close to me any longer or I would go with Kevin.

    1. I did go with Kevin and hope to pay for my share soon. I am so looking forward to my milk again. It is the nectar for health as far as I am concerned. Thanks Kevin and good riddance Jenny. I do wish you well but no love loss on my end I am afraid.

    2. I believe the drop off list has expanded.
      You might want to give him a call.

  5. I agree. There used to be pretty frequent and harsh emails that did not pertain to most of the recipients.

    Many people with business experience offered Jenny free help, but she turned it all down not realizing I suppose, that it was being offered because she needed it.

    I suspect that there will be no more of that now that she is gone - and that will be a good thing. I found it kind of sad and annoying also.

    I agree that for everyone who is following the rules, those kind of communications can feel abusive and she was a bit high-handed as if she felt share-holders had never done any research prior to meeting her. It has been pretty obvious that she felt she was more important to the business than she actually was.

    I'm sorry you are out of the delivery area. If you are still in SE Michigan you might want to review the schedule in the comments on the other post here to be sure you are not able to pick up milk.

    Your complaint is not the first I have heard about essentially the same thing.

    I'm glad it's out of the equation now. I doubt Kevin will turn down offers of help from share-holders.

    He has been very pleasant. It's a refreshing change.

    1. Yes it is very refreshing. It is a blessing. A night and day difference. I know it is a challenge for him but I have confidence he will get in the swing of things soon. I hope all the members treat him well and don't take advantage of him during this ordeal.

  6. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Yeah business and personal relationships...not always a good mix. As I've expressed to other clients, it's like being in the middle of a custody battle. But as I just renewed in April, it doesn't make sense to pack up and leave. And a contract is a contract and mine is with Hick's Dairy. Therefore, I'm staying put. I wish Jenny well and think she could do a lot of good by saturating more and more area on the benefits of raw dairy.

    1. I wish her well also. It was clear she was not happy.

  7. Ok I started my share with Kevin I was so saddened how few people were there to pick up opposed to the past lines to get milk. It was barely worth the trip for him to go there. So how can we help him get back on his feet with delivering milk to many more customers. Anyone have any suggestions? I would like to help in any way possible. I already talk to others about the benefits of raw milk not sure how much more I can do. I am sure there is something though I would like any ideas if you have any.

  8. Yes Cindy,
    I feel the same.
    I thought I could make a few fliers to pass around my neighborhood and maybe post at the health food store (as they can't sell raw milk).
    My wife put up a Craig's list ad for Kevin, but she can't put up another or they will delete them. (but you could)
    Kevin said that he has had some shareholders return to him because they did not like the quality of the milk from the new co-op. He has been very generous to those who ditched out on him. I asked him if advertising the non-milk items he sells would be good and he said he provides those pretty much just for shareholders. It's hard to get people who are not already open to the difference between factory and natural foods to consider trying them or spending so much more - or to realize that what they are spending is just wasted since what they buy is not really food - and is going to cost a lot more later in poor health and related expenses. We have been buying good eggs at the health store for less than Kevin's, but decided to start spending the extra few dollars a week to support him instead. We also are trimming our budget in other areas so we can purchase more meat from him. So, that is what we are doing. If you can think of other things to do, I'd be happy to hear about them. I really am disgusted at how many people ditched out on him just for Jenny's whining - especially since he was the one providing the product they all valued so much. Since we have gotten to know him a bit every week now, I am really impressed at how nice he is - not at all like Jenny described! Kita also posted to all the Michigan Raw Milk FB pages. I hope that if we all do something, he can get back up to speed. He sure is keeping a positive, friendly attitude and his products are fantastic. I was also surprised that some people just didn't bother to check to see if his deliveries had really been discontinued - which they hadn't. He has not missed a single one, even when Jenny stole all his shareholder information, contracts, mail list and erased his website. I guess we just have to work a little harder to help him and keep the great opportunity he provides us. Keep doing what you are doing. You never know when you will get someone who will finally decide maybe they should pay attention to what you have been telling them.

  9. Anonymous8:33 AM

    My decision to stay with Jenny was not personal. It was business. She was the one who knew the business and delivered week to week. Kevin did the farming. I don't know Kevin, but I do know Jenny. All of my dealings were through her, and honestly I couldn't see how he was going to run his farm and deliver milk. I wish him the best but all of the shareholders had to make the best decisions for their family. It's not our fault a personal issue disrupted the business. I haven't had any problems with Jenny's new coop. The milk tastes great and she's like a different person. I hope Kevin is doing great too.

    1. She was the girlfriend of the farmer who's cows you had a share in. She delivered the milk. She had 0 customer service skills and was a control freak.
      She had a good idea to deliver milk to us that is it, and by her attitude made us pay every wk. with her unprofessional emails to Her customers.
      I hope with this break up she learned who pays her bills and treats her customers in a way they deserve not like people who have to be beat verbally into submission on a weekly basis.

    2. Well that's just silly Anonymous! Your decision was entirely personal and lacked all elements of a business decision.
      I'm sorry you fell for Jenny's "poor little me" line.
      Kevin has never missed a beat and the lie Jenny spread about no deliveries was just that, a lie.
      It is surprising that you wish him the best when you ditched out on him. You couldn't see how he could stay in business? Only because people like you undercut him and supported someone with no investment and no farm or cows to support.
      Where was your concern for even the cows?
      I'm glad you like your milk.
      After experiencing the amazing difference, I'm thrilled to not be associated with her anymore.
      She is a liar and a thief who abused those who supported her.
      She sure fooled you!
      Jenny unfairly played on your sympathy on an issue completely unrelated to your business relationship.
      She got you to renege on a contract by lying and manipulating your sympathy. Kevin never missed a delivery. The farm's just fine. Maybe the broken truck had something to do with who had been driving it! Seems just fine now.

  10. Well it looks like I was the only one who was offended by the harsh weekly emails. The new way is cut and dry. Put in an order on the site and that is it. If you don't order you don't get anything unless he has left over. I don't have to listen to the ranting and raving weekly on how this person or that person won't get their order if they do not put it in on time. Please we are all adults if you order you do not get anything. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.
    And the way she made Kevin look well it was not a good picture. Once he handed me two gallons of milk and the cartons looked like the truck ran over them. In disbelief I took them(which I should not have) later I called Jenny and she made his look like he was a special ed guy. Saying he just does not notice those things. I personally think she had him do it. No human in their right mind would ever do that. She was always testing us to see if we obeyed her rules. She just could not act like a normal caring person. It was like every email was her beating us into submission. Well seemed pretty sick to me to treat customers that way. Anyway glad I can get my milk again and my health is back to normal now.

  11. Well Cindy,
    I pretty much have to agree with you.
    I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but as time has gone by, my appreciation for Jenny (who did support the benefits of raw milk) has diminished considerably.
    I agree that her emails were abusive as was her general attitude when on delivery.
    I was surprised when the website (made by her) said that shareholders were not welcome (because it is a working farm), but then when Kevin took over delivery, he was very friendly and openly encouraged us to come up and visit the farm whenever we felt like it! Hmmmmmmmm.............
    I also agree that Yvonne is as nice and pleasant as Jenny was nasty. Go figure.
    I am happy to see lines of people now when we pick up milk and everyone having a pleasant experience.
    Thanks for your comments.
    People who ditched out on Kevin still have almost 30 days to resume their contract if they are unhappy with their choice to be swayed by Jenny's un-businesslike and unfriendly demands and outright lies.
    We have been very happy with the change and happy to support Kevin.
    A few cow-shares are still available if you know anyone who would appreciate one. They are generally very hard to get with long waiting lists.

    1. It is not an easy task to convince regular people about the benefits of raw milk. It has changed my health though in a positive way. It is such a relief to to pick up milk from friendly smiling people. And the ease of ordering now as well as not having to deal with the crazy emails from Jenny. What a relief. I saw a friend this past Friday and she said wow what a difference not more horrible emails and so friendly now. She has been getting the milk longer than I have. She got me interested in raw milk years ago. So I am not the only one who appreciates this change. So much nicer to be treated like a valued customer instead of someones bad kid. What a night and day difference and what a pleasure to do business with Hicks Dairy now.

  12. I'm very happy to see lines almost as long as before when we pick up our milk. The eggs are better even though they cost more than what we had been getting from Grazing Fields. It's worth the extra, plus we feel better supporting our farmer who takes such personal care of us all. I certainly agree about the change from feeling harassed to having a pleasurable experience. I'm happy for Kevin. He seems to be very happy and says that the farm is doing okay. The new webpage is much better and the ordering, with confirmation and online payment is great. I think that there may be a few cow-shares left, but likely not many. It is nice to enjoy the interaction with your farmer as much as you enjoy the product he delivers. He is very accommodating and what he brings us is always great.

  13. patty t2:34 AM

    Jenny was a business owner's nightmare: No one ever wants an employee the likes of her. She treated her customers poorly. Before I became a Hicks customer, I was warned by a previous buyer that she was "not so nice," but the milk was good. So I cautiously joined the co-op. Well, calling her "not so nice" was being kind. My experience with her was nothing but utter amazement every week both in person and through her emails: She was cold, rude, and felt she did more work than anyone in the world. She told people often.

    Some big chip was on her shoulder, and it was no surprise when she so quickly and incomprehensibly decided to throw Kevin under the bus, so to speak- trying to steal all his customers. All I can say now is, Wow. It's a great thing she's gone. Good for Hicks Dairy, too, and everyone else who had to put up with her.

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Boy, I couldn't agree with you more!!!! Good riddance crazy lady!!!

  14. Anonymous12:48 PM

    It is so nice to pick up milk and get a big warm smile instead of a nasty grin and a terrible attitude. Kevin is great!!! What Jenny did was so WRONG!!!!! To bash him in the e-mails was so pathetic, KEEP YOUR PERSONAL feelings out of the public. STEALING all his contracts and half his money is horrible, just horrible!!!! And low class.

  15. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I too cannot believe what Jenny Samuelson has done. Very low class indeed. I also agree with DOC, I believe there are legal issues involved with "MYFAMILYCOOP" as it is a farmer to consumer direct market situation, not a farmer to sales person to consumer. Hence the term FTCLDF (farmer to consumer legal defence fund) She is running on revenge and spite, and treated people poorly. I think she is jeopordizing the raw milk program. I believe in dealing with the farmer directly, JOE & BRENDA GOLIMBIESKI should be real careful and isnt it amazing what people will do when greed rears its ugly head!!!! Ive tried milk from many farms and chose Hicks Dairy as i am more than satisfied.

  16. Goony Goo Goo11:05 PM

    Love the moo juice from Kevin's herd! I will say the moo-ood has been a lot brighter there since the cloud parted. Delicious milk, happy cows, smiling farmers.. How can you beat that?

  17. Anonymous2:07 PM

    My husband and I joined Jenny's Co-op just as she was separating from Hicks. She did a raw milk recruitment meeting I believe in Troy. As the mother/wife of the house I did the pick up. I thought I was the only one suffering with the likes of Jenny until she went even more off the deep end on me in front of others, cussing at me even as I left the truck. Another customer came to my aid. It was a relief to know I wasn't the only one. And now I have found all this information about her. I am looking forward to kind customer service as my Husband and I join Hicks Dairy Farm for our raw milk.

    1. You won't regret it.
      Dealing with Kevin has ALWAYS been a pleasure.

  18. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Well shut my mouth and fill it with Hick's milk! When Kevin handed me my 2 gallons and I saw the pale yellow color of the milk though the container I couldn't wait to get home to taste it. It has been a very long time since I have had the milk I love! It was HEAVENLY! Now I know, without question, the milk Jenny is delivering is NOT grass fed. For years Jenny's milk has been pure white year round and on two occasions even had a pine-sol taste when she first started with Hill High. You are so right Doc.....no regrets. Happy cows, happy farmer, happy customer.

  19. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I realize that this blog is now archived, but I feel the need to share my more recebt experience. Two years ago MDARD seized My Family Co-op's truck and made the driver dump many, many gallons of raw dairy in the grass, and throw away hundreds of eggs. Due to this awful incident, Jenny Samuelson's My Family Co-op made the papers nationwide. At the time I had recently become more health conscious, and as I read the newspaper article here in Metro Detroit, it made me realize that I had a way to obtain raw dairy. This was amazingly wonderful to learn, and I thought it would be an excellent way to help My Family Co-op get back on their feet and gain support from new shareholders.

    In the beginning, I found the co-op to be a Godsend. However, Jenny's nagging and sometimes outright abusive e-mails started leaving a sour feeling in my stomach. I was always on time to the truck, I always ordered on time, and I always paid in cash, so I had a hard time understanding why she seemed so angry. On occasion she would belittle shareholders as they waited in line at the truck. Honestly, because I'm just a run-of-the-mill city gal, I started to think that this was common place behavior of farmers and their employees! How outright stupid of me! As time went on, her attitude made me seek other sources.

    I remember at one point during Thanksgiving, Jenny scheduled our delivery on the same day and time amd location as Hicks Dairy. I inquisitively asked about Hicks Dairy because I still didn't realize that there were other farms that could supply raw dairy, and she nearly bit my head off for merely asking if she was familiar with their farm! Shortly after that was when I decided that her behavior was too much for me to handle.

    I reached out to Hicks Dairy Farm, and I can tell you from being none the wiser to what happened prior to the MDARD incident, that working with Kevin from Jenny is a night and day experience. I adore Kevin and his product is amazing! The price is a bit higher than My Family Co-op, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. My family loves what Kevin offers and we couldn't be more pleased. Leaving My Family Co-op after more than two years of receiving a cruddy attitude and mean e-mails was the best thing we could have done.