Illegal Immigrants AND Traitorous Politicians

Illegal Immigrants AND Traitorous Politicians

Dr. Gregory Lowrey

Pleasant Grove, Utah

8 April 2006

There is so much of it flying around on this illegal issue. I think the name pretty much says it all really - ILLEGAL!

Is that so hard to figure out?

Does anyone stop to ask why subverting border controls is illegal in the first place?

I'm sure there are some very good and well thought out reasons for it. But I'm not going to try to go into all that now - especially (like most politicians) since I have never read any of it. And after all the flap about it - dosn't it seem likely that we will end up with another giant bill that is so hefty that no legislator will even try to read it before they make their "popular" vote?

I am sick of the bullshit arguments claiming that illegals provide jobs and services that Americans "won't do".

That is unmitigated crap!

I know white Americans who wash dishes, dig ditches, clean motel rooms, cook and serve, farm and build.

The claim that we need illegals to do these jobs is unsubstantiated and just plain stupid.

Traditionally, non-illegal students, elderly, less educated, underskilled and handicapped members of our population take these jobs. These people are still available, but are often doing jobs that they are underqualified for - which may perhaps make them feel good emotionally, but makes the public suffer from substandard service, quality and production and forces us to set a new and lower standard for service and quality and production.

<>Industry exacerbates the problem by favoring lower – cost, yet perhaps often higher quality or higher skilled but illegal labor over legal labor from these populations while the now too expensive displaced Americans are encouraged to seek government subsidies rather than employment.

We are not doing anyone a favor by doing this but it appeals to our ideas of a "kinder, gentler nation". Hmmmmmmm..........who's dad was riding that hobby horse? Oh yeah, it was the guy who was President and who's son is President and who's home state (GBJr. was Governor there remember?) of Texas relies quite heavily on illegal labor.

There is no shortage of workers. It is just that both the cost of doing business and our consumer expectations have grown so out of proportion with reality or rationality (and need) that we need to get "CHEAP LABOR" so that we can continue to practice our wasteful lifestyles.

Why can't the same type of contracting units be set up to hire "low end" American labor to do these jobs instead of using illegals? Why are we giving out management jobs to young people who have no training or experience and by American Psychological Standards are not even capable of considering the consequences of their decisions? The APA sets the age that a person is "CAPABLE" of considering consequences to be on average twenty-two years old. That is their definition of "adult".

Young people today - disagree if you dare - have too much money and too much time. If we rounded up all our "gangster kids" and "gangster wannabe's" and put them to work detassleing corn or picking fruit or digging ditches or washing dishes, perhaps they would find a new respect for other people's labor and their right to enjoy the fruits of their labor unmolested.

Much of the "work ethic" comes from working with your hands. I think all workers should start there and then move ahead by earning the privilage and not just have it handed to them.

If there were a real shortage of "workers" why can't all the fucking prisoners in this country - I think it is likely at least 11 million - do the labor and help "pay back society" instead of drowning us in the cost of warehousing?

America is getting weaker and weaker as we push our manual labor off onto people who do not have an honest investment in America and push unprepared Americans into jobs they cannot properly perform. Think of the ancillary issues?

Our legislators are all saying they are not trying to foist off on us an Amnesty for Illegals, but that is crap also. How stupid do they take the average American to be? Pretty totally stupid I'd guess. So Illegals would have to work six years and pay taxes and learn english! Whoop-t-do!

Everyone who is legal here works and pays taxes - well except the ones crooked enough or savvy enough or rich enough to avoid paying an honest tax. So the rest of us pick up the burden.

And - the politicians pick up money from companies that rely on illegal labor to beat the competition and fatten their pockets and VOTERS - wow, lots of new voters that you can be sure will vote for the person who voted to give them AMNESTY. It is amnesty. Why call it something esle. Oh, yeah - to trick us into accepting it!

If you havn't figured it out by now, I think all the illegals should be sent home at their own or their country's expense and the borders should be secured.

Jobs in America should be for Americans first. Foreign contractors could organise legal work at competitive wages for jobs that could not be filled by Americans - but I doubt that would be needed.

Speaking of outsourcing, I am sure companies who moved all their technical support to India are excited about all the money they save, but do they care about - or have they even considered all the money they have LOST because of consumer dissatisfaction with their self-serving, cost cutting efforts? They have no idea. Our American "fat cats" are so fat from screwing America and Americans that they likely couldn't conceive being any fatter. Not that they won't try anyway!

I think there is an appropriate time and place for practically everything and anything - so I do believe there is an appropriate way to support American labor needs and also a way to help citizens of other nations either earn a living in thier own country or find legal work in ours without taking work from Americans or weakening American labor, products and quality of life.

And, I'll punch out the first politician who tries to tell me that every man, woman and child in American being permanantly attached to a cell phone or I-pod is an improvement to the quality of life - it's not! I'd love to see all those teenagers with cell phones (permanantly attached) dig enough ditches to pay their own cell bill - or to do anything (legal) to pay their own bill.

Remember when only doctors, executives, contractors and drug dealers used pagers (and later cell phones)? Now we can't get past breakfast (remember breakfast?) without being jacked in five ways from Sunday!

There are so many problems we need to fix that do revolve around legal labor and legitimate, productive, character strengthening activities in our own population. We need to send all the illegals back to their country and let them back (IF NEEDED) in a legal manner.

Meanwhile we should take efforts to turn our young Americans back into human beings.

To me, those who advocate rewarding those who "raid" America (USA) are traitors to this country and should be treated appropriatly. Hmmmmm........I don't remember - do we hang or shoot them? Well, at least we could remove them from public service - permanantly - everywhere.

In closing - I likely should ask ... why do we focus on poor workers rather than the CORPORATE SPECIAL INTERESTS that bring them here? How can we ignore the obvious – that there are CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENT HIDDEN AGENDAS?

How about returning agriculture, contracting and service to THE PEOPLE and eliminating artificial supports both in Government SUBSIDIES from the top and CHEAP ILLEGAL LABOR from the bottom?

<>When we pay below poverty level wages to workers who supposedly are sending earnings out of the country we not only imbalance our own economy by diverting cash resources but we also create an unavoidable welfare class that must be dealt with through health, housing, legal and penal services that the illegal workers do not pay into and are paid for not by the corporations that take advantage of cheap labor, but by the legitimate tax paying public.

The assertion that illegals are paying SSI and other tax is ludicrous!

<>Perhaps a few are purchasing fake identification to help them get employment, but the majority are simply being hired and paid “under the table” without documentation because their employers do not require documents or report according to law.

I can only guess - because the numbers are simply not available, that the vast majority of illegal workers are not contributing tax dollars to the American Economy while they are siphoning off services and opportunity for legitimate, legal citizens.

11 MILLION to 20 MILLION! Those kind of numbers simply cannot be ignored. We need to fix our apathy.

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  1. Thanks Tim,
    Clinton? All I remember is his smoking habits! Perhaps you are right though. But my Mom! Really! She's the Queen of D' Nile. She would never stomp on anyone's glasses. As to your superior intellect - well, I guess you would know.
    I still believe we would find (if there were a way) most illegal workers were undocumented. It is much cheaper to pay under the table - documents just get in the way. And after all - it is all about the money, isn't it.
    I don't know if I can support the machine gun idea, but I agree it would dissuade quite a few. I wonder what would happen if we let Mexico (and other countries) PAY the USA to help them develop an economy that allowed workers to stay in their own nations rather than raiding ours.