Well, nearly alive in Utah

So there are so many things to write about that I can't seem to get started on any one of them. I have decided that I cannot wait any longer for President Bush (Jr.) to respond to my letters to him. I am planning on posting my message to him here, since he appears to have no interest in my offer to end the war and achieve the objective. It has been over six months and I have yet to recive so much as an acknowledgement of my mail beside the proof of delivery tag.
So, it seems that the war is not about eradicating terrorism, nor is the occupation of Iraq about establishing peace, democracy and freedom there. How long will so many people continue daily dying over some greedy politicians heartless grab for cash for themselves or their cronies? I'm talking about American crooks, not Arabs. Doubtless the Arabs are as crooked to our way of thinking as their culture dictates they should be, but they are barely involved in the "war". It is just the president's pals making munch. I certainly wouldn't want to travel abroad now. I wouldn't deny anyone being disgusted by Americans. It is embarrassing to be represented by such idiocy and insincerity and to have our souls sold out from under us by some rich back 40 hicks.

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