(I think) President Bush is a Moron!

Please insert the words "I think" or "In my opinion" into any line here that would appear slanderous. Since I don't know that President Bush actually IS an IDIOT - but only "Feel", "Think" or "Opine" based on the behavior he has shown to me that he is such. Thanks for your support. He may actually be a really intelligent man who just wants us to think he is totally stupid.

The rules of war.
In the War Zone.
Close down all communication.
Sieze all media.
Remove and Re-locate all non-combatants.
Eliminate the enemy.
Eliminate all the enemies resources.
Show no mercy.

At Home:
Secure our borders.
Locate and secure declared and potential enemies.
Freezing enemy assets - Fuck that - if they are enemies, confiscate their assets and use your "freezing powers" on their asses instead.

President Bush seems to want to follow his dad's mantra (kinder, gentler) but that does not work in war. To me, Mr. Bush is an idiot. I mean, I really think he means well, but he is just plain stupid.
Here is my plan to end the war.
Encircle a town.
Remove all foreign media.
Block all communications devices except our own.
Take over all media (Newspapers, Television, Radio)
Remove all non-combatants.
Relocate such persons and get them busy with re-education and building new towns to live in.
Close the circle, eliminating all life within it.
Try to save religious and historical monuments if possible, but if they are in the way of the objective, wipe it to the ground. New artists will rise up to create new monuments.
No modern "god" requires any particular building or plot of ground to maintain their god-ness or following.
Move to the next target.

Let the Military release information to the press and get all civilians out of the war zone.
Forget the idea of showing the world that we can wage a peaceful, humanitarian war. That is just plain stupid and it is costing real lives of real people who did not go to war to be fucked over by their own governments idiotic Public Relations Fiasco.

I believe this plan would resolve the war in just a few weeks and practically eliminate non-enemy casualties. It would also reduce costs and send a real message to terrorists and supporters of terror.

Think of what would have happened in Lebanon recently if Hezbolah had been treated in this manner. It would have been over before anyone knew something was happening. Lebanon would have been relieved of a border bully and no civilian non-combatants (or their property) would have been injured.

I have been trying to offer this plan to President Bush for nearly a year now. He has not even the Presidential Grace to aknowledge recipt of my mail (sent certified with a return receipt).

We are in a WAR. War is not nice, it is not pretty, it is not friendly. War should not be prolonged. War should be quick and decisive.

I am AGAINST WAR. But, as we are already in a war - we should take it seriously.
In five years of war, we still have insecure borders. Ignorant Mexicans can simply walk across! Give me a fucking break, George. Who do you think you are kidding. Pull your dick out of your own mouth for a fucking minute and take things a bit more seriously please.

TERRORISM - Hell yes, I am against terrorism. I am against terrorists. I think that anyone who advocates terrorism should be eliminated, quickly, silently and without concern for the basic human rights they deny to others.
Having said that - let me extend the catagory of TERRORIST to include American Street Gangs. When our own citizens are afraid to walk in their own neighborhoods, when they are subject to drive-by shootings, robberies, rapes and random acts of organized violence, why do we only look to terrorists with rags on their heads. Won't a do-rag do as well?
If our government can not deal effectively with terrorists in our own community, who are not hidden, but blatently proclaiming their ownership of our neighborhoods, what makes them think they can wipe out terrorism in cultures they obviously do not understand?

Raghead Culture.
Ok, listen up George.
Raghead culture says that Machismo is king.
If we back up just a little - the arabs think we are weak and that they have won. If we make ANY concessions, they consider it proof of our weakness and inferiority and think they have won. If we fail to wipe out not just our enemy, but his entire genetic code - they think it is a victory for Allah and a sign of our basic inferiority and proof of the superiority of their RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION TO "KILL ALL INFIDELS". Now, in case anyone reading this is as totally fucking stupid as our Congress, Senate and Commander in Chief appear to me to be - the goddamn infidels - are US. The Muslims believe that we are all the SPAWN OF SATAN. The Muslims do not believe in CONVERSION. You are either born - beloved of Allah - or you are born an enemy to God. The main objective of Allah's True Children is to cleanse the earth (kill) all of the enemy's of Allah. The enemies of Allah - well - it is ME and ALL OF YOU!
So, Please President Bush - I respectfully request you pull your tongue out of your own stinky brown ass and QUIT KILLING OUR CHILDREN! You stupid fucking prick (JMHO).

And while you are at it - God - your PR department must be getting hit with the same stupid stick as you - drop the fucking phrase "weapons of mass destruction" from your litany. Every time you say that (about a hundred times a minute) you just remind (or suggest to) everyone that you are an idiot. And quit being so cute and buddy buddy with the goddamned press corps. Can't you see that you have been the major contributor to them losing all respect for you? You have done even more than the last bunch of Bozo Presidents to make your office the office of the Grand Buffoon. You have taught and continually reinforced to the world that America is just another limp dick. How can you giggle and laugh for hours on TV with your little press buddies while OUR NEIGHBORS AND CHILDREN ARE DYING?

FOR ALL YOU SUPER PATRIOTS - who support the President no matter how stupid he is. I am proud of what America was established to stand for. I support the Constitution and the Cause of Freedom. Unfortunatly and Embarrassingly, our "elected" leaders seem to not believe in any cause but their own secret ones. They are certainly not out to win a war - or they would have done it. They are not out to secure our borders - or they would have done it. They are not out to improve the quality of life for Americans (or anyone else) or they would have done it.

It is not that hard - I could even fucking do it.

And for all the SUPER CHRISTIANS who would DENY RELIGIOUS FREEDOM to anyone but yourselves - and would FORCE all AMERICANS to think as they do and live under their personal DOGMA. I feel like "you" should be hung on a fucking tree - you UN-AMERICAN, SATANIC FUCKING FREAKS. You are an embarrassment to the Jesus you all pretend to believe in.


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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I'm with you on this. We need to play their game by their rules or we don't stand a chance.