Mormonism and Me

I got this comment on my blog "Can't Give It Away In Utah" that got me thinking about how I should get back to writing about my experience in Mormonism. So I am going to. It is going to have to be in installments, but I am starting from the very beginning. It is a long story. I am going to include writing about my missionary experience and my years with the polygamists.

I will also touch on how life has been since I quit being Mormon.

I am still going to write about other things - so this will not become just a Mormon blog and maybe I will set up another blog entirely just to deal with this lengthy topic.

Meanwhile, our new team of artists and piercers and managers are all up and running great! Dan and Randal are doing really great tattoos and Red and Shandi are doing all the piercings now and are extremely precise and proficient. Kita is still taking custom tattoo work but I am mostly doing administrative work and getting started on our new Michigan studio. My daughter Liz has found a building that would work out great (she says) for us that will allow us to have three businesses all connected, Tattoo Studio, Art Gallery, Coffee Shop/Cafe.

If you want to plan work with Kita, you need to get with her now or wait till January.

We also are getting a new receptionist as Emily has taken a promotion at her other job and can't be here anymore. Lacey is still here and doing a great job as usual.

Well, enough of the ad. If you want to check back for my installments on Mormonism and also on my non-association with Pres. Bush et. al. I will be trying to post at least a couple times per week. I am also considering posting about how I helped end the cold war back in 1985.

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