Proving My Point in Iraq, President Bush

Daily Slaughter In Iraq
The news today reinforces the need to do somthing proactive in Iraq (and elsewhere) about the Arab practice of using terrorism as the primary weapon in their conflict. This news item describes how the different ideological factions (in America, this would be like Baptists, Athiests, Mormons, Catholics, etc.) all taking revenge against one another by indiscriminatly killing anyone they can get their hands on who (they think) might be members of an opposing faction.

So, rather than seeking out actual "combatants", these so called militia (really just folks from the neighborhood with a grudge) are killing people (neighbors) who are just minding their own business, going to work or staying at home.

In true Arab fashion they attempt to wipe out the entire genetic line of the people they go after. This means they kill not just the men that they think are politically different "minded" but also kill their wives and children, so that there is no chance of any future "different minded people" cluttering up their neighborhood.

Of course, at the same time, our (American) soldiers are also being killed, not by any clearly identifiable enemy, but just by anyone who is angry about anything.

Nowdays, when every teenager knows how to make a bomb (lethal to 1000 ft.) with nothing more than draino and tinfoil, simply taking away guns (and other weapons) is not a deterrant in any way. Especially this is true due to what is apparently the major means of murdering your neighbors in Islam-land - bombing.

So, how can security be attained when every car is a potential bomb, when every civilian is a potential "militiaman", when every neighbor is ready to murder their neighbors and ours?

The lack of a murderous tyrant keeping the peace by mass murder and the threat of it has left an open door for the true "muslim" approach to transitional government and freedom of expression. It appears that in the muslim world, any affront - no matter how small makes murder nearly mandatory.

Historically and today, in the Arab world, the smallest insult requires the total humiliation and often death of the perpetrator and his entire genetic line (in both directions).

When is our (USA) government going to wake up to these simple and obvious facts being played out day after day, and now year after year - taking the lives of our neighbors and children in the vain and irrational attempt to promote an ideology that will NEVER be accepted by this foreign culture?

Let's do the damage we went to do, set up a government (run by us, not them) and get the fuck out.

The media is helping President Bush deflect attention to this problem by focusing instead on North Korea - all we can hear about all of a sudden. Let's let the world governments, since we all already agreed to it, worry over N. Korea. We can keep tabs on how well everyone keeps their promises (generally not too well). Meanwhile, let us keep our attention focused on the ungrateful (and never likely will be) people who are already killing our children day by day.

The solution to ending (by winning) this war on terrorism is so simple. It can be done without further loss of non-terrorist lives.

We have dropped our boys and girls into a hornets nest of criminal enemies, who nearly all pose as civilians. Who are we trying to protect - active and latent terrorists?

Terrorism must be dealt with in a swift, decisive and often brutally effective manner. All of our pansy-assed (kinder - gentler) approaches are just wasting lives of good people who expected to liberate the victims of a murderous tyrant (and others like him), not to become themselves victims of an entire culture of murderous tyrants.

When will President Bush and his advisors, Congress and others, pull their heads out of the sand and quit putting our children under it?

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