Hey Baby - Division Never Was Unity

Hey, I got a new grandson yesterday.
We are having fun visiting at the hospital.
And are very excited about our beautiful little g'baby and his great parents.
So half our work here is done now.
We have one item left. To find a building.
There are lots to choose from though, so I am hoping that our A list will produce something for us.

Something I have found interesting over the years is the inability of almost all people to understand the concept that "Division DOES NOT EQUAL Unity".
They each dissolve the other.
Even in the Bible - oh crap - a quote from the bible?
Hey, it's short.
"A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."
Well, it's true even if it IS in the bible.
But that is not why it's true.
It just is.
But it is basic.
So where political parties exist - Unity - can never be achieved.
Why can't we do away with partyism?
Cause everyone expects his neighbor to try to screw him at the first opportunity.
Basic Fear, Insecurity, Low Self-esteem added with insincerity and ignorance produces political parties. Well, it makes sense to me.
If we were all looking to protect the constitutional freedoms our forefathers (some of ours) revolted and bled and died for instead of looking for a handout or to be handed some other advantage over our neighbor - regardless of propriety - parties would be unnecessary.
Only people who actually Believed In America would be offered to "representative office".
Nobody in office today, I doubt, would qualify for that.
And while we are looking for a "Representative", does that mean a representative of ANY ignorant or selfish ideas that they or their constituents may have(?)
Or, could it mean that the representative is ensuring that the protections and freedoms of the Constitution are equally applied to his district as to all others? Also that he/she supports other districts in maintaining justice and freedom, including freedom from tyranny (like the Patriot Act)among many unconstitutional and anti-constitutional (so called) laws that are treasonously passed in our past and current lame, sloppy, ignorant, insincere, corrupt and inherently self-destructive party of legislators and so called protectors of freedom.
Talk about the religious right foisting off on America some of the most evil, deceptive and certainly anti-Christ people they could find.
Ohhhhhhhhh...........can I say "FUCK THEM!!!!!" on Sunday?
Of course I routinely find nearly all Christians to be anti-Christ. So that should not be surprising.
But why should I expect people to take their pretend god seriously anyway? Maybe I'm the dope in this tea basket!
Well, regardless of what the answer to all that is...this one thing is to me pretty obviously true and as a basic truth it should have serious implications regarding our behaviors abilities to produce our expectations...........division never was unity.
Since I raised the question (I'm sure some will have) about me and Jesus?
I don't believe in Jesus, but I do believe Jesus.
The people who made Pretend Jesus used some very basic truth to hook people who were very aware of injustice and inequality (not like people to day - information age my ass - we are drowning in information but we know nothing) and then get them to serve, sacrifice, neglect their naturally given responsibilities, gifts and blessings, while they pay out the ass for the fake god people to keep their seat saved in heaven for them.
So the true things that Matthew (and all who copied him) made Pretend Jesus say - I am down for. But I also believe those same truths when they are shared by Lao Tsu or Buddha or the kindergartner next door.
I also think it is the height of evil to claim to place any man between a person and their spiritual opportunity. And to make people pay (er...I mean voluntarily [due to prior brainwashing] - donate) - to "be right" with god? How evil is that?


Maybe next time I will stick my neck out for another simple idea that most people I have shared it with can't seem to wrap their brains around. "You Can't Give What You Haven't Got."

I know, you are thinking, "How could anyone run a life or a government like that?"

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