Health Services Disaster Murders Millions Yearly

I didn't make this video, but I agree with it 100%.
I havn't read Dr. Mercola's book and as such cannot endorse it.
But the message of the video is right on target.
Watch this video.
Remember the Tobacco companies plotting against their customers and cultivation of potential customers?
You don't think the Drug companies and Giant Hospitals could be beyond the same type of planning for the perpetuation of their craft and/or products, do you?
Well, they are not. They are killing us and making us pay through the nose for it, indebting our children and destroying the opportunity for a quality life for untold millions upon millions.
Take away all your MD's Cash and Toys and his friendly demeanor and sincere concern for your well being most likely will vanish without a trace.
Whole Life Ministries: Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century

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