A Hypnodisc for Now and Then


Crazy Optical Illusion - The best video clips are here

Now that I am back in Michigan with a house and an office for several months (hot showers - yeah!) I expect to be able to return to writing - which mostly got dropped about a year ago when I decided to triple the size of my existing business and start a new one at the same time as buying a new home and remodeling a new business location and moving, moving, moving. I'm still moving. Somehow though, I think I will be able to return to writing and not just posting videos.
I have gotten some recording done, figuring out my own digital recording software (proud of that) and now have a son in the area with a commercial recording studio that he wants to help me with.
I'm considering reconsidering my decision to not run for President in 2008.
Decisions, decisions!

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