Still Alive And Well

Yeah, pretty amazing that I hauled my Harley, and two big tool chests loaded with tools and all kinds of other stuff (and a real bed - whoopee - first time in a year!) all the way from American Fork, Utah to Detroit, Michigan with my 63 Studebaker. It took twice as long and cost three times as much but still less than flying and I got to bring a lot more stuff.
The little house is my Detroit house in the woods.
I love it.
Anyway, we made it alive and the car still works, just the same without the trailer as before, though I drove all the way knowing the rear end was shot. Not mine, the car. Here though, I can fix that. So anyway we are in Michigan now. We miss everyone we left behind as much as we are excited to be back with the people we love here. It's a hard life sometimes when you put your heart into it.

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