Court In Utah #1

Ok, yesterday at approximately 1:01PM EST I engaged in an hour long conversation with Lt. Sam Liddiard, the Lt. in charge of the Patrol Division of the American Fork, Utah Police (er....Public Safety) Department. He called me again later about 4PM EST.
Lt. Liddiard, who I must say was about the nicest and most polite, reasonable, intelligent, rational and humble Police Officer I have ever encountered in life or otherwise - (all of which does make me somewhat suspicious) was a real credit to the American Fork Department of Public Safety.
Lt. Liddiard responded to my two questions:
1) I had been told by the officer responding to my call about a disturbance in my church that since I was not at that moment "present" in Utah that regardless of being the managing pastor (I'm the CEO) I was not authorized to request police assistance or to even be appraised of what the police found while they were investigating my complaint. I had to have my assistant manager Red Grant, call the Police, but he did let me know he was on his way there anyway. (since it's only two blocks away from the police department it couldn't have been too hard)
Anyway, I was quite steamed to be told that and still today I have recieved no information whatsoever about this incident and was told by the investigating officer that to recieve a report I had to have my manager request it. I could not even request a report of an incident in my own church!
Well, that ass is fired.
And it is NOT TRUE what he told me - according to Lt. Liddiard. The other cop LIED to me.
Q. 2
The Other Cop (I will put his name in here as soon as my copies of the report (which Lt. Liddiard is sending me) arrive, told me when I demanded that the woman who assulted my assistant manager and made a disturbance in my church be arrested for assault, that "he didn't know about arresting anyone.".
I suggested that the assault was a fact not needing to be discovered and that I knew that if the same activity took place in the police station, she would be arrested and jailed immediately.
Well, Officer ____________insisted that "NO" that would not happen.
Even when I pressed him on it he insisted that if someone were to go into the police station, spend two hours making a big fuss and refusing to be helped, when offered to speak to the chief of police, took the attending officer's cell phone, spoke to the chief and then, not likeing what she heard, threw the cell phone at the head of the officer in charge, that she/he would not be arrested and maybe not even charged.
I told this cop that he was Lying to me.
I told him I was going to call the chief and make sure, since as a religious service provider in town I felt it important to know what behavior was and was not legal in town.
I was sure that if the Chief sustained his officer's opinion, I was going to go in and prove it.
Anyway, Lt. Liddiard also assured me that this officer (now fired) again was LYING to me.
It is not legal to throw phones at people.
We went into quite a conversation about how the American Fork Police routinely have "profiled" me and my church, including this time.
I suggested that if he ran into the BIGOT Lt. in charge of the Detectives Division, who after 5 months, still decided to prosecute the victim, just because the Lt. is a BIGOT and likely not too smart either that when I got back I was going to paint a big swastika on his forehead, right where it belongs, since he is an Anti-American, Traitor and 1st Class Bigot.
I don't want any Anti-American, Constitution And Bill of Rights Ignoring, Nazi, Bigot Assholes on my Police Department, patrolling my neighborhood and pretending to protect the rights of me and my neighbors - when it's obvious an Anti-American Bigot cannot do that.
So, I'm glad #1 got fired.
I'm still going to sue him.
I am declaring war against "Good Ol' Boy Government" in Utah.
When I say I am all about kicking the criminal fucks out of office and charging them for their crimes against America and Americans, then believe it.
I mean it.
The war has begun.
I'm still not happy that it took my Chief of Police TWO FUCKING WEEKS to return my phone call, and then had someone (likely much more competent than he) else return my call.
Now, I call Presidents of Corporations all the time and I am one myself, so I am not surprised when I get an Executive Assistant instead of the Pres. cause I know they are really busy, and I am ususally glad because I know that it is the EA that really knows what is going on and get's everything done and still has time to take care of me and that is why they have a job, cause the actual President never could do all that. So it is better usually to get the EA.
But, American Fork, Utah Department of Public Safety is not IBM or the FBI or some foreign nation.
I was told that the chief couldn't take my call cause he was in a meeting.
Two weeks later (to the day) I finally get a call back (from someone else) and am told that the chief has been out of town. But that's not exactly true.
I am scandalized to find that American Fork has so much police business that it took a whole two weeks for me to get a call back.
I am not too sure that American Fork had done enough homework (crap more about that later with Lt. Falslev) about going after a church and prosecuting the victim.