Will You Commit to the Constitution?

From the ACLU:

Don't wait till 2008

How does a President govern when he has lost almost all respect? George Bush is giving us a pretty good lesson right now.

The only way he can continue his agenda of destroying the Constitution is by using fear and intimidation. And the only way he can succeed is if Congress keeps caving in to the Administration's underhanded scare tactics.

Tell your members of Congress to reject Bush fear-mongering now.

Starting with critical House votes this week on warrantless eavesdropping, and continuing with action on the issues of torture, habeas corpus, and Guantánamo Bay, we must demand that Congress breaks that cycle of abuse.

That means driving home to every member of Congress — no matter how progressive or conservative — the fact that Americans want them to stand for our freedoms and stand up to the Bush Administration.

Tell your members of Congress to reject Bush fear-mongering now.

With your help, we’re telling every member of Congress that, when they stand up to defend our rights, they’ve got nothing to fear; we’ll have their backs. However, we can’t wait for 2008 -- they need to act now. That means:

Don’t Wait for ’08 to stop spying.

Don’t Wait for ’08 to close Guantánamo.

Don’t Wait for ’08 to end torture.

Don’t Wait for ’08 to restore habeas corpus.

The ACLU has asked every member of Congress to tell us where they stand on these four freedom-defining issues no later than October 17th. And we’ll keep pressuring them until they commit to defending the Constitution.

There’s simply too much at stake to let Congress off the hook and cave in to fear from the Bush Administration. That’s why we must keep the pressure on and tell them “Don’t Wait for ‘08.”

Tell your members of Congress to stand up for the Constitution and reject Bush fear-mongering now.

Ask your Members of Congress: Will You Commit to the Constitution?

With your help, we are going to put all 535 members of Congress on the record by asking a simple question - Will you defend the Constitution? And will you defend it now? Answering yes means standing up on four critical issues:

Ending rampant surveillance and warrantless spying on Americans.

Shutting down Guantánamo Bay and give those held there access to justice.

Restoring habeas corpus and due process.

Stopping torture and extraordinary rendition: secretly kidnapping people and sending them to countries that torture.

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