DOW Wants To Spray Fluoride on Your Food

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While you read, please remember that 1ppm of fluoride is dangerous to humans.

Fluoride is a major cause of scleroderma and this hardening of the tissue is a major contributor to most other degenerative diseases such as heart disease.

Of course not only does Flouride provide plenty of income for the so called health industry, but it also was extensively used during war (and who knows when else?) to make humans more tractable and brainwashable.

Why would Dow want us all to be mentally crippled and zomboid?

Why would a government that is suppose to protect us allow this?

Would we consider this a traitorous, treasonous, treacherous act?

I do.

DOW Wants To Spray Fluoride on Your Food

DOW Wants To Spray Fluoride on Your Food

Dow has been lobbying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow it to spray a new fluoride-based pesticide (sulfuryl fluoride) on hundreds of foods prepared in the US.

If DOW gets its way, sulfuryl fluoride will become a major new source of fluoride, making it even more difficult for consumers to avoid fluoride in their daily lives.

What’s worse, the levels of fluoride allowed to be sprayed on food will be shockingly high: 70 ppm for processed foods, 130 ppm for wheat products, and 900 ppm for dried eggs!

To voice your concerns about the use of sulfuryl fluoride on food, please take a few seconds to sign the personalizable ONLINE LETTER to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson, produced by Fluoride Action Network (FAN) at:


If you wish to submit letters on your own, you can find instructions at the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) link:

http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/oca/ campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=4658&t=