Oh, I'm just pissed at Utah.

And why not?
Utah loves to hate!
I despise haters and hate mongers!
So, I'm perpetually pissed at Utah - the "Screw Your Neighbor State".

Right now our ministry tattoo studio there is under attack by all the cheap and sleezy untrained hack tattooists and piercers that hang and work in Provo.

There are so few people in Utah who can see and appreciate professional training and professional quality and service.

It seems that in Utah's own way, they have trained even non-Mormons to see a "black and white" world, ala Mormonism where anything not endorsed by the Mormon Church is automatically dirty, evil and anti-Christian, and any one who does not regularly attend the Mormon Church is also.

So, what this means is that nearly all Utah'ns fail to see the difference between a high quality, safe, artistic tattoo and a cheap slap of crap.

All they care about is getting a "cheap" price.

If the untrained scratchers and hacks keep dragging away the limited business - and it is limited since the Mormon Church attacks us "officially" twice a year and in between by local "authorities" I am going to take my wonderful, talented and dedicated artists elsewhere.

If you are a dedicated supporter, send in some friends. We need some business now and the other studios are "giving it away" which drags away business from us that we need - even though their work is CRAP!

Crappy work is not a bargain at any price.

Think about that.