The Untied States

So, I was reading something on tat2me.com that my dear honey wrote and about fell off my chair when she referred to the "untied states". I know she was just having a dyslexic moment, but the idea of the Untied States of America just hit me so hard - well, I even resisted the urge to log in and edit her error.

What is it that hit my "recognition"/ funny bone so hard?

Doesn't it seem that the states really are more Untied than United?

Division, you know, never was unity.

Our "Party" system is a scam and has been since the beginning.

We need honest, careful and steadfast protectors of freedom in "protective" office, not a bunch of "partyists" who owe their allegience to big money, not America or Americans.

As long as political parties keep us untied we will never be United.

We need to find legitimate candidates for office and Write Them In.

We don't need anyone who is so crooked and/or weak that they need a Party to get them the vote.

One of my five daughters objected to my overt offer to run for President. She felt it would be too intrusive on her privacy, so I backed off from "running".

I realize though that I am the only person I know who would actually do the job of protecting freedom and telling "special interests" to go fuck themselves.

So, I figure that my daughter and I and anyone else can refuse to talk about personal stuff if we like.

It's not like there aren't plenty o' people more than willing to fabricate a story if we fail to provide one they like.

And it's not like I'm not more than willing to tell you much more than you ever wanted to hear myself - and I'm a stickler for truth.

My true stories seem to be much more interesting than other people's made up stories anyway.

So, when it comes time, please feel free to "write me in".

I think it's the only way a person should be invited into public service.

To me it is unconscionable for candidates to spend millions (even hundreds) on campaigning in front of people who really could be benefited by those funds in many, many more important ways.

The whole campaign process is nothing but an insult to America (and the World).

Let's get United.

The Constitution has already been written, and paid for.

All we have to do is stop the criminal weakening or subverting of existing freedoms.

We can't expect "criminals" to do that job for us.

We all know that our "party" animals, er...candidates are dishonest just through their partyism if nothing else (believe me, I'm sure there is plenty else!).

I hear now that the number one issue for Americans (made #1 by non-Americans and politicians who know how to pick a "safe" issue to milk for votes) is Immigration Reform.

Let me say this about that.

We have immigration laws.

We have legal immigrants and illegal aliens.

Illegal Aliens should be sent back to their country of origin at the expense of that country.

American industry that depends on the cheap labor of illegal aliens should be taught to invest in America by investing in their neighbors, instead of fucking over their neighbors by importing cheap and illegal labor.

American industry that depends on exporting jobs to cheap labor markets (often not capable even of "doing the job") just to improve their "bottom line" which means usually improving mostly the "top line" (more money for the big shots) (crappy products and service for customers) need to quit being so greedy and spend their money in their own neighborhood - America.

I also believe that America and Americans (and others) as individuals and business owners, associations, etc. should - after righting our own apple cart - help other nations to develop their own ability to provide employment opportunities and health benefits, career and service training to their own people, so people use their talents at home to make a better world all over, rather than leaving their families to suffer while they spend their talents elsewhere - just for money and the supposed higher standard it supposedly brings but doesn't.

Before America (Europe really) began exporting it's version of "how to live, dress, eat and entertain" to all nations, other countries seemed to do fine caring for and feeding themselves - except as they were in the process of being exploited by Imperialists and Industrialists.

Only in destroying traditional land ownership and use, labor and lifestyles in order to provide for the needless excesses of Euro-America have third world nations become helpless and poverty stricken.

We need to improve our own neighborhoods and let others do the same - without our "Imperial" er....assistance!

Our own Greed is the true enemy of the world and the cause of world suffering, war and famine.

And now Putin wants to be Czar?

What happened to Freedom in Russia, that now he has such aspirations?

Who is protecting the freedoms of the Russian people?

Was the collapse of the Soviet Union just a fart in the wind then?

Michail? Were you just farting?

Who will stand to protect equality and promote peace in the world?


How about we get the idea in America that the idea of the Congress and Senate is not to pass laws - the Constitution already covers our needs if we obey it and apply it universally, but to prevent the passage of laws that rob the Constitution of it's power to protect you and me.

We are buying a lie in America - "They" are not selling Freedom!