Kick the Dicks Out!

Kick the "DICKS" out of Gooberment.

I mean DICK as in the most vile of all dishonest, irresponsible, greedy, self-serving human parasitic slime.

Are you being "Dicked" by YOUR elected official representatives?

Have you ever wondered why they prefer to be called "elected officials" or "government officials" rather than "elected representatives"?

I have my ideas, of course.

Do you?

Selling out one's neighbors; even "just a little", in order to gain the support of a political party is a terminally serious violation of ethics that in my mind invalidates ALL members of ALL Platform Oriented Political Parties as candidates for any office of public trust.

Rather than standing up for the people of their district and preserving the equal protections of the Constitution, they have "sold" themselves and switched their allegiance to the "Party" and those "in the Party, and their associates", in whatever form that takes.

No longer is their debt and allegiance to the "people back home and the constitution.

If they can "come home with gifts", the "folks back home" will turn a blind eye to everything else they discover about the switched allegiance.

So, their "public" relations is to "bring home the bacon", with lots of fat!

The rest of their time and so called "official" business is preferred generally to not be discussed.

"Politicians", are crooks already then.

Having sold their souls - (that were supposed to belong to the public back home ) - to "get the job" and the fame, favors and fortune that go with it - not one of those greedy, fear mongering pricks is suitable to "preserve, restore and protect the equal protections of the Constitution for the people of his/her district, ensuring that every other district in the land does the same.

They have already demonstrated that they are really not all that into it!

They are already "two faced" before we even hear about them.

Comedy or Tragedy?

Two players in the same joke.

Democrat or Republican?

Different flavors on the same shitsickle.

What about hypo-religocrats who demand rights for themselves while denying those same rights to others?

HypoChristianocrats do not own the Constitution though some have that as a very real goal!

I wonder if the "Christian Right" knows that the "jesus" they emulate is really a bastard child of Hitler and Satan and not even related to the God or philosophic orientation they pretend (so poorly) to "worship".

According to the PROTECTIONS of the Constitution of The United States of America and probably in every state constitution as well is the absolute and unalterable decree/law/decision/belief/principle, what-have-you, that
equality spreads the same - no matter who holds the spoon.

That is America.

We need to get a firm leash on our "jackals" in office and make it a priority to replace them all with people of integrity and honor.

Let's each clean up where we live and make ourselves into good neighbors.

You are only one "decision" away - from a totally new reality".

Wouldn't an equal and honest one be nice for a change?

Just one decision, one opinion, one call to action matters.

Just one.


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