100 Day Countdown - Day 100

100 Day Countdown - Day 100
Day one is the day we suddenly vanish from Zion.
(By Zion, I mean the wrong side of the rotting edge of the anal sphincter of hell)
I know any of the people we know in Utah understand, as they pretty much feel the same about it. Except for the mountains and a very few friendly people, Utah is just an ugly public spectacle of Disney meets Mayberry, meets Con-Artist, Folk Magic, Old Time, Elitist, Extremest Religion and it's private government.
(I'd like it with Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp as Brigham Young and his cohorts - I go for Curly as Brigham and Larry as Joseph Smith).
Well, anyway, there are some really sweet people also "stuck" in Utah and we really hope for their eventual escape to the real world.
We will help if we can.
Reality has it's perils to be sure, but so does brain dead zombie-ism.
In an effort to resist ragging on Utah, just let me repeat that if Jesus' "build on a firm foundation" lesson is true, Utah must be recognised as a so called "civilization" that is built on an ARTIFICIAL foundation. Utah is artificially sustained. Life does not survive in Utah unaided.
That aid comes with a price.
You must become a brain-dead zombie.
So, I hurt for the many very nice people I know in Utah - I hope for your relocation.
Indeed, the mountains are beautiful.
There are places in the real world where life springs out of the earth, unbidden, needing no encouragement or assistance from man.
There are places that are naturally designed to encourage and support life.
There are places where diversity, equality, individuality - are cherished and appreciated, in spite of and at times to celebrate social, religious and ethnic differences.
Moses spent 7 years in the desert being spiritually refined.
Joseph spent 14 years in the desert, but that was raising goats to trade for women.
It seems the only woman I want in Utah is the one I brought with me from Michigan.
So, what will I bring back from my 11 years in the desert?
What gifts will I bring from the land of the dead?
If God (who-ever or what-ever you consider that to be) decided (or randomly acted) to drop in and help Michigan - what, how, who?
We have paid a high price for our education through 50 years of Mormonism (including 15 years in the most radical version) and the last 11 years of living in "the pearl in the LDS oyster", Utah County - home of Brigham Young University, Happy Valley - the most Mormon, the purest and sweetest (and safest, so you can send your kids to BYU - you know, to mate.) part of the Mormon pie.
As you could easily surmise, non-brain dead, Mormon zombies are not well appreciated in Happy Valley, where the local motto is "come on vacation; go home on probation".
So, anyway, I for one, am going to be very happy to be back in Detroit.
(By Detroit, I mean Ferndale)

Wow - what was that?

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