Day 79 - 20 Ring, Leg Corset Piercing

It took almost an hour and a half.
My client was perfect and never winced or whined.
After some healing time, I will get a picture of it all laced up.
Kita was kind enough to take pictures for me and shot video, so some kind of cool video might show up on YouTube or wherever she hosts those things.
Anyway, it was a fun piercing to do and it came out perfect (20 times in a row).
I was extra happy about that.

Oh yes, Day 79!
The days are slipping by so fast.
Kita says our MySpace Friendlist for Michigan is growing really fast and we are super excited about that.
We are getting to see a lot of Utah clients that we haven't seen in awhile and it is great to see them. The only people in Utah that we have met in the last 11 years that we actually get to enjoy our relationships with have been people we have met in our studio.
There's a couple polygamists we met that we like too. (they don't come to the studio - unless you count that one....)
We still have tons of stuff to go through from storage and are still working on our online store.
It will primarily be at www.ubu-ministries.org but I likely will put a link up here also.
Also, if you have some sick people that you would like to make well, you have 79 days before you will have to plan on seeing me in Michigan. My "healing" page is here.
Get your art going now - so you can get your tattoo before we go.

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