It's Happening Now!

Yes, as we speak...so to speak.

Even though we have yet to obtain a building for meetings and expanded services(especially tattooing and piercing by our students), we are offering limited services from the parsonage here in Ferndale.

I am offering healing, counseling and piercing services and am preparing to offer a weekly scripture study here.

Kita is offering tattoo services from her private studio here at the parsonage.

We are anxious to find a larger, but still very local space where we can offer more community services and hold regular meetings but in the meantime we are making do with what we have.

Our Utah ordeal this last year and a half has taken a pretty heavy toll on us, not just financially but also placed a heavy burden on our creative expression.

Speaking for myself, I could not find the inspiration to sing or practice guitar for the entire time though I did give some weekly drum lessons that allowed me a little guitar playing.

Now, I get to re-tune myself and re-remember my own music, though it annoys me that I can't remember my own songs or the covers I worked so long and hard on.

But I know I will get back in the spirit of things and will be able to retrain myself so that I will be able to perform locally in just a few weeks.

So, I hope people in the Metro Detroit area will come to hear me perform and help me get a meeting house put together.

I hear that a lot of the enthusiasm I felt in Ferndale a couple years ago has waned, but I know that can be turned around and that is where I am putting my effort now.

In the meantime, I need people who need to be healed or who need counseling. I have specialized for over 30 years in healing the un-heal-able (including mental illness) and have had great success healing cancer and seizure disorders as well as migraine, spine and joint problems, anxiety disorders - just anything and everything.

If you are sick and want to be well - come see me. Skeptics respond to my treatments as good as anyone else, so don't let lack of belief deter you.

Feel free to email me at gregory.lowrey@gmail.com to schedule a visit.

And for those who are stuck in Utah...

We kept the mission office (Happy Valley Tattoo & Piercing) open just for you...and brought a good artist down from Montana to serve you.

Rev. Steve needs you to come in and support him so we can keep the studio open for you.

He is tattooing and piercing and will offer other spiritual services on request.

We have kept the studio open at great personal expense and hope our friends in Utah will not make our efforts for them a wasted effort.

I hope to see you all soon.


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