To My Chinese Readers

I feel really bad about getting comments from Chinese readers that are not in English.

For example yesterday I received a comment on the previous post that after putting it though Google translator said: "Human good words, such as the sponge with water to suck firmly", which to me meant that the reader found the content good and refreshing.

It's nice to get friendly feedback and it seems the only comments I ever get are in Chinese.

I don't post them and blogger provides no way for me to write back and thank the reader for their comment.

I just discovered Google Translator today and for the first time was able to actually read one of these comments (above).

Ok, so I just found out that the comments I was so happy to get really were just spam for chinese porn. So.....................um.......................nevermind!

So I apologize to my Chinese readers for this deficiency.

I hope the issue is resolved some day.

Meanwhile, if you can translate your comments before you send them and/or include your email address I will either post them or at least offer thanks for them.

Best wishes,

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