Does Michigan Deserve Democracy? The Recall of Rick Snyder - Doomed to Fail Before It Starts?

I was pretty upset that I couldn't attend the kickoff rally yesterday in the state capitol for the recall of our fascist "tea-party"governor.  (revenge of the nerds)
I noticed that there was no media coverage at all beyond a short note at electablog and a video of the proceedings at the sponsor's site https://michiganrising.org/ .
I watched about an hour of the rally online before I couldn't take any more.
Talk about lame, boring and off topic.
I really think Snyder needs to be recalled or better charged with Rebellion Against the Constitution, a violation of the 14th Amendment (or both).
However, I was shocked by how few people showed up and how there were practically no students there.
When I was attending political rallies (in the 60's), there would be thousands of people, mostly students who felt they had the most to lose in a future defined by nut-job, cronyism politics.
Today, we have even worse attacks against our present and future, and even with the appearance of support for OWS in New York, Los Angeles and Oakland, it looks like there is not much anywhere else.
Michigan Rising, the PAC of 4, who's CEO lived in Michigan for 8 years but now lives in Florida tried this recall once before and failed due to a pitiful lack of organization.
It's hard to get a movement going.
I hoped that this second time around they would have gotten better organized.
It seems they haven't.
Due to Facebook, they have gotten some smattering of followers, but the best they seem to do is offend potential supporters and ask for money without showing a need.
Even then, I felt that in spite of my misgivings about the organization, that the goal was one I assuredly wanted to support - getting rid of a bad governor. (the previous governor, a Democrat was no prize either), but it seems now that there is just no support in Michigan for actually doing anything to fix our problems.
It's like everyone just gave up!
I don't know what to think.
Michigan Rising has been rude and snarky enough to me, though I volunteered for everything they asked for - that I now question even working with them to achieve something I really want.
I wonder if the problem is that people don't like (or trust) MR, or  just don't care, or  feel nothing can be done - the battle is lost before it begins?
Or is it just that MR just does not know how to campaign and mobilize people?
I mean, where are the student groups, action committees and 99%er's?
I don't personally know anyone besides my wife and me that would go to a rally, pass petitions or even have a conversation about these kind of issues.
I remember when we were protesting the treatment of Jack Kevorkian.  Half the people there protesting (sometimes more than half) were Kita and I and our six (elementary school) children.  In our whole town (where Jack lived) we were the only ones of his supposedly huge group of supporters that were willing to distribute his buttons, stickers, etc.  When the police raided his apartment, I was the only one in town who bothered to go and show support.
What's up with that?
Why all the apathy?
Do we really deserve to just be squished like bugs?
I don't get it.

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