Michigan Government - Republicans Only! Unfree Press. Latest in War on Women.

Amazingly disgusting Republican actions in the Michigan Legislature during yesterdays passing of anti-abortion bill.
What really  surprises me is how the so called "liberal" media cover this story.
Read the Detroit Free Press article.
It highlights some positive points in the bill, barely mentions some of the negative ones and does it all with no detail at all.
This story does nothing to inform the public at all.
It also mentions with brief partial quotes the statements and treatment of Democrat Legislators but fails to address any ramifications or illegalities in the Republican gagging of the Democratic Process.
Where is the outrage?
I would think recent legislative actions stripping Michigan of any semblance of Democracy would provoke massive protest.
But instead, the media, when they report anything at all, water it down and refuse to draw any attention to what's wrong in the story, often painting those who stand up for constitutional protections and the rule of law in negative and dismissive tones.
Compare the local reporting with this national news program, which while it does fail to mention the positive parts of the bill, like inspections for health care facilities, does bring up negative aspects of the bill that are very significant and which the local "news" refuses to explain to the readers they claim an obligation to inform.

Michigan Government is very good at giving a dismissive spin to what should be a very controversial agenda.  What they can't dismiss or spin as "infantile" opposition, they simply gag and refuse to let the legislature vote, count the vote or allow the public to claim a referendum.  
Republicans take a high handed approach to "decorum" which just means I guess that they have learned to speak softly and smile while they stab you in the back.
Wouldn't "decorum" include playing by the rules, obeying the law and allowing, even encouraging (even passionate) debate.
The violations of decorum in this case were using the term "vagina" in commenting on an abortion bill and suggesting that the bill presented a one sided religious perspective - a violation of the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment, certainly worth considering when making law.
And they do this with mainstream media support who will sensationalize and give a negative, inappropriate spin (essentially a hidden editorial statement) and at the same time fail to inform.
I guess they think the public cannot be trusted with the truth.
In the Michigan Government - non-Republicans are "invited" to sit in the No Speech, Brush Off  Zone.

On other Michigan News - it looks like the Emergency Manager Law will go on the ballot after all since no judge want to be the one to have their name attached either to upholding or violating the law on petitions.  Judicial wimpiness is a victory for the Democratic Process.  Read about it here.

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  1. In response to a complaint that abortion is unfair to taxpayers and this legislator was "unprofessional" I respond.
    It's a lot cheaper, as cost seems to be more important to some than the "right" to life, than paying for all the social complications arising through life from being a sick or unwanted child.
    The Rep. was speaking both personally and for those who elected her.
    That she didn't represent the concerns of all her constituents is representative of the bill itself.
    It only represents the interests of "some" people and ignores the interests of others. It also does not serve any social or governmental interest or strengthen individual rights.
    That it only serves a special interest makes it a bad law.
    That it institutionalizes a religious perspective (a violation of the Establishment Clause) and violates current law, the social contract and science makes it a bad law.
    But to be more appropriate, though it would be less dramatic, she should have said uterus instead of vagina.
    And much of the bill addresses abortion by pill, which leaves the vagina relatively out of the picture.
    I don't know about expecting "professional standards" in the legislature, but the issue of decorum would likely favor allowing representatives to freely speak to the issues and not ban them from doing the job they were elected to, over censoring speech that really was not offensive.
    It was her resistance that offended some Republicans, not her language - which was just their "spin" used to color the event to favor their repressive actions.
    If the legislature would simply obey the law and support the Constitution, there would be no issue.
    Allowing our government to operate in such a sleazy manner is what is offensive.
    Catholics venerate the womb (uterus) that housed Jesus and celebrate the intact vagina of the virgin Mary (as do many other Christians).
    I don't see how "Vagina" is offensive.
    I do see governmental dictation of personal health issues as offensive though.
    We are at the point where "government" is the real "dirty" word, and to the GOP apparently, the ugly word is Liberty.