Bill Clinton @ 2012 DNC The Speech Every American Needs To Hear

A truly Great Speech!

 Some people are still offended by President Bill Clinton's past personal (not administrative) indiscretions, that have turned out to be virtually endemic to positions of power, but even his opponents acknowledge that he did some amazing things as President, creating jobs and a budget surplus in an economy that had been wrecked by the lie of "trickle down" economics.

(For a full and unvarnished view of this doctrine and it's extensive field testing presaging the worst of Liberty, Security, Employment, Civil and Human Rights devastation, read Naomi Klein's, "The Shock Doctrine")

Clinton ended up being one of America's best and best liked Presidents and still devotes his time to sincere and timely  public service.

Here, President Clinton factually dismantles the shallow but aggressive attacks on President Obama by the GOP and also amply demonstrates why the USA IS "Better Off" than when President George Bush left office, leaving one of the biggest messes in history for the Obama administration to resolve - with a GOP dedicated not to helping fix America, but only devoted to ensuring the President's failure to help America and ALL Americans.

This is not just an excellent speech and lesson in history that debunks the predatory lies of a system of corrupt elites in our society, it is likely one of the best speeches ever.

Every person, especially every American, should carefully listen to and heed this message that lays aside all political and social bias, exposes serious dangers and endorses a renewal of our all-inclusive social contract.

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