Arrested, Robbed, and Jailed for 25 Hours for Asking Cop a Question

The FB post from Policing the Police had this to offer.
Woman arrested, robbed, and jailed for 25 hours for the most egregious crime of contempt of cop.

I guess she should just mind her own business and do as she is told right?
There was only one comment on this disturbing video - and while I can see how the commenter could arrive at their perspective, I also felt that view missed the target and came to the wrong conclusion.

Michael Sorrells She was looking for trouble, and she found some. The police wanted nothing to do with her, she made the decision to continue instigating and she found the trouble she was looking for.
Who ever is running this account needs to pay more attention to the stories you post, it is counterproductive to post videos in which the police are harassed for doing their jobs properly.

Doc Lowrey Wrong Michael. This was a random inspection. The cops in the beginning discuss that there was no target or suspicion - no investigation, just a fishing expedition.

As easily observed, there was no police "activity" to disrupt by asking a simple question, which a citizen at the very least has a right to ask re: their personal security.

(The police are not even managing their checkpoint, just walking back and forth looking like they have nothing to do and no reason to be there.)

Common experience has well established that most cops respond disagreeably to reminding them that they work for you.

Obviously, many if not most cops seem to think their job is to be our keepers and often seem to express that civilians are less than human and really have NO rights as soon as they have caught police interest.

I agree that she was almost "baiting", but this is a common occurence for any cop.

Anyone who carries as much responsibility and ability to do harm as a police officer should be of a character and have the training to respond in an appropriate manner - in this case to simply answer a legitimate question in a respectful manner - and then move on.

The whole "fishing" expedition the cops were on is a 4th amendment violation in the highest and most explicit degree and we know from Nuremberg that "following orders" does not excuse one from violating the law.

As enforcers of the Law, the cops should be well versed in it - but it seems many cops feel the "law" is whatever pleases them in the moment - and you - can just let the judge sort it out.

I'm grateful people make videos like this one - and this is a really good one - in spite of understandably amateur reporting.

There is no way to excuse the disgusting "professional" police response.

The woman lacks finesse, but she asks entirely appropriate questions and does it in (if you cut her some slack for having some anxiety over approaching a cop at all) a non-aggressive and non-critical manner.  

She does make a judgement call when she reminds the cop that he works for her - um...that practically always sends the interraction in a bad direction since so many - especially low rank,  patrol officers are such thin-skinned, low IQ babies to begin with.

Other than that fruitless exercise, this is an excellent example of bad cop culture.   

Nearly all the examples released to the public amply demonstrate that this kind of behavior does in fact represent the culture of the patrol officer, not to mention the military assasin mentality of SWAT and the befuddled, self-imposed ignorance and bafflement of management who are too busy fending off political crises to generate much leadership on the ground.

Watch this YouTube video from the PINAC (Photography Is Not A Crime) website.  


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    One thing that is different though, in spite of being just as crazy and ill informed, the pastors are all over the place philosophically, while the cops have an outlaw biker type attitude that cops are for cops are always right - everyone else is a problem.
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