Inventing Terrorism - Crime v. Hate Crime

I was interested in the commentary this FB posting is recieving.
There are about 900 likes and 200 comments.
His statement I found unusual  but intriguing, especially, and more so after reading some of the commentary it engendered.
Enough so that I wanted to share it here.
The idea that terrorism is invented and that the promotion of labels like hate crime, as seen here accrue to many to equate directly with terrorism - and presumably a relatively generalized  personal fear in the present culture - are nothing more or less than an invention of politicians and other social manipulators to propel the public into disenfranchisement.
Political Correctness is looked at as a tool for manipulating society into a more malleable, manageable, ignorant and unthinking condition.
Much more than the "gay bashing" that typically comes to mind with the word hate crime.
I stopped after my comment so you don't get distracted by all the people I annoyed.
But maybe I'll check back later and consider adding some of that as a postscript.

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    There is no such thing as "Hate Crime" in a free society. There is only crime. Assault is assault. Murder is murder. It doesn't matter if the attacker was prejudiced. No victim deserves a special protected status under the law. Worse yet is the idea that using offensive speech or insults should be considered a "hate crime," when in reality it is just a nicer word for censorship.
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        Rodney Pierce But we don't live in a free society. We live under the illusion of it.
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            Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints Truth.
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            Scott Pilgrim not even really an illusion anymroe
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            Kat Eiswald with conspiracy nuts for neighbors. yay!
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            Bill R Russo HA too bad the conspiracies are coming to fruition here lately.
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        Cabal Djembe I'm with ya on everything with the exception of "No victim deserves a special protected status under the law."

        Perhaps I am just misunderstanding what you are saying there. What's wrong with a victim having a special protected status?
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            Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints It undermines the concept of equality under the law. The government should be impartial, and justice should be blind.

            That's the reason for the symbolic blindfold found on "Lady Justice."
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            Steve Gatch EXACTLY
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            Tobias Cichon Cabal, what most people here don't understand is that a hate crime is not about crime against an individual, but against an entire community. It's true, all should be considered equal under the eyes of the law. So, when someone commits a hate crime, it is also an act of terrorism against a community, and thus our society condemns such action with stricter punishment. Motive and effect matters... or should we just do away with terms like manslaughter, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree, and just convict everyone of murder?
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            'Hunter' Alex Tobias, did you really just imply that 'saying hateful stuff is terrorism against a community'?
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            Cabal Djembe No, Hunter, he said a hate crime. He didn't mention anything about "saying hateful stuff."
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            Ian Sloane Donovan " Worse yet is the idea that using offensive speech or insults should be considered a "hate crime," when in reality it is just a nicer word for censorship."
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            William Randolph Hunteman I think the best way to phrase it is Crime IS Crime; A Victim IS a Victim. ALL Victims are equal, no one 'class' of victims are more special or more of a victim than any other suffering the same type of crime.
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            William Randolph Hunteman If you are murdered, you are dead. Doesn't matter what was in the murderers head, you are still just as dead.
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            Tobias Cichon So, WR Hunteman, You're saying that if someone appears to be charging at you, but really he's running after his dropped $20 bill being blown down the street, and you shoot him in a panic, you should be put to death because that's equal to waiting for the guy to come out of work and assassinating him? Good job waging war on the art of discretion.
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            'Hunter' Alex Tobias, I assume that you think that 'women's right', 'minority rights', etc., are all good too, right? Well, if you protect the rights of the individual, then THAT is all that you need. More 'rights for some' just leads to more racism and more sexism. ...These LAWS are what keep racism alive!
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            Cabal Djembe Actually, Hunter, I think it's racists that keep racism alive.
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            Nigel Burke Oh good grief The good old US of A, the land terrorism visited briefly, then stayed and applied itself to almost every criminal act on the statute books. I weep for you people.
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            'Hunter' Alex Cabal, many people haven't evolved past racism because gov segregates us all with laws and keeps reminding us about it. THEY keep it alive and fueled!
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            'Hunter' Alex As well does the media.
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            Darek Oldmanguy "hunter" Alex the KKK targeted one community that makes it terrorism.
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            Jeffrey Wilson No person deserves special protection. We should all get EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW, without special protection for specially protected people.
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            Katy 'Pappas' Smith Jeffrey Wilson, what is with this "special protection"?? are we assigning police to only protect specific groups of people?? Did I miss the memo? ..because I dont see any special escort for my gay friend as he goes to & from work, or out to a club. I dont see any police unit watching out specifically for my black neighbors.
            the Hate Crime Laws are about what you receive as punishment...just like there are different punishments for Murder One versus Manslaughter.
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            Kathleen Dodge Blaming the government for racism? Wow, just no comment there! I'm sure THAT'S why the KKK hates black people. The gubmint!
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            Nicole Wrigley No. Pages like this continue to separate us. I didn't c it at first but I do now. All of these "accidental racist" are just a new generation in our society of normalized racism. It is what it is. So guys, while eyerything is falling down around our heads we will keep fighting one another instead of against this truly corrupt system of ours. *shrug shoulders*
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            Doc Lowrey I wonder what criminal activity does not qualify as a crime against the community.

            I also question the extra dose of fear added to real crime by adding hate to it's title.

            What crime fails as a hate crime anyway?

            I suspect that the extra "terrorist" element added to everything, especially "hate crime", is intended to condition our culture toward, more fear/insecurity, acceptance of less liberty and fewer rights, more tolerance of government illegally meddling with human and civil rights while making their primary activity pillage, and accepting an abusive and fascist police state as necessary to our security.

            When we have been frightened into not expressing our honest feelings (and often our ignorance) because our truth, even though perhaps a transient one - is simply not politically/socially acceptable and perhaps even worse, those thoughts, even if unexpressed, could be a crime - then what hope is there for us to feel secure in our communities, and what hope is there that ignorance (if it stays so hidden) can find remedy or even that truth will find the light of day?

            Can social order be achieved if all the parts are compelled to conform to a social norm, or do we create a boiling, seething current of destructive potential just under the surface of an dishonest, ignorant and manipulated cultural projection?

            It seems like sowing seeds of confusion, frustration and discontent to me, which I think would promote fear and distrust of others, especially of "out-groups".

            Racism is one category of xenophobia, but our culture suffers from all types.

            I don't think anyone of any political persuasion would fail to recognize the practice and promotion, the militant fanaticism even, of group bias - to appear to be the nearly sum total of what all politicians do.

            And while a lot of that such strong overtones of racism, it should be recognized that regardless of how open and engaging we feel ourselves to be - that everyone has some large or small degree of "other" fear - it is an intrinsic and likely unchangeable part of our biological survival instinct.

            All politics begins life as an us vs. them proposition; it's the easiest way to control a population.
            Divide, then conquer.

            Likewise, if we move our culture to attaching terrorism, such as in hate crime, to every uncomfortable or disagreeable action and make thought and intellectual inquiry a crime - an act of terror - your thinking can be a crime against the whole community!

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