I'm Back!

I'm so sorry for the prolonged absence.  I have spent several years healing from the devastating results from my 25 years as a vegan that pretty much destroyed my immune system and resulted in, among other things, one symptom of immune collapse - Rhumatoid Arthritis.

I have recovered enough to be able to type again and have learned to use Android (somewhat) so I am quite encouraged.

We recently moved from Metro Detroit to Republic, Michgan.  We found a house that was completely gutted and hasn't been lived in for over 30 years, so much of our energy, especially this first winter is involved in making the house habitable while living in it.

I have started offering healing services again and have many articles that have been piling up for years waiting to be written.  My fingers can again find the proper keys well enough that I propose to begin writing again.

Also, though I thought the opportunity was lost forever 5 years ago, I have slowly regained the ability to play guitar (to a degree) but have not been singing, so I still have that to work on, but expect to be able soon to resume the musical portion of the ministry as well.  There is currently a mostly empty YouTube page under Doc Lowrey, but will soon be a UBU Ministries YouTube page with more (and improving) content.

We are in the position for the first time since our formation in 1984 to need to ask for direct donations to support the ministry, so please consider using the UBU link at the top right of this page and find the donate page at the top right of the upper Nav Bar.

We have never taken an income from the Ministry and continue to use ministry funds for the exclusive work of the ministry.

With the recent Presidential Election I have determined it a good time to review the Proper Role of Government which you can find on this blog or find a back link to on the current top post of the UBU page.  (Click the UBU image at the top right of this page)

I look forward to resuming activity here and hope to share perspectives that you will find of value.


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