#1 Introduction

I am in a big mood to rip on Utah lately. I have tried to be very positive about it for many years now. I'm sure it has confused alot of people who live and work here because most people pretty much universally hate Utah. It is a beautiful place, though it won't naturally support life. I don't think Utah could have survived at all if it weren't for the local government selling out it's residents and resources to the Feds. So everyone is sick here because of all the nucular testing and other stuff they won't admit to. The water is polluted and they have hunted off almost all the natural species - replacing them with destructive elements.
Practically all the claims Mormons make about Utah are in truth just about exactly opposite of what the hype pretends to. Well, enough of that I guess.
I used to be a Mormon myself and even went on a 2 year mission back in 1975 - 76. My wife and I moved our family (six kids) to Utah so we could practice mormon orthodoxy, which means we intended to be Mormon Polygamous Fundamentalists.
I feel like we have been through a religious worm-hole so to speak and gratefully "popped out the other side" into a world that "religion" doesn't fit in - though I still believe in and promote "spirituality" of sorts. If there is real " EVIL" in the world, likely RELIGION is the fountainhead. So I am against religion.
I am a wholistic healer and artist; a minister of spiritual living and enemy of organized religion.
I currently operate a church studio,  Happy Valley Tattoo & Piercing (www.tat2me.com) with my wife of 21 years - Kita Kazoo in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
I have pretty much retired from tattooing now though I still pierce at the studio. We have grown tired of apprentices and such and feel we have "given back" to the industry enough to now have a private studio. So Kita is the only tattoo artist here and I am the only piercer. Our youngest daughter Jamie works for us as a receptionist.
I started playing drums at age 7 and began playing professionally in Detroit, Michigan at age 13. Years later, after Vietnam era service in the Navy (I never left the States) and my LDS mission, I began writing my own songs after being burned by a bandmate during my Hollywood years. Now I play guitar and sing my own original blues/folk/rock numbers. You can hear some on my website - www.docloco.com. My main project right now is to make some recordings that I can sell on disc and begin - now that my children are grown - to market my music and tour.

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