Trying to remember to save the world!

I went and signed up for about 250 yahoo groups memberships - what an idiot, eh? I thought it would be good to get involved and promote the studio. So i signed up for all the tattoo related groups I could find in 8 hours one day. Then I started getting about 300 emails a day! Wow! I hate getting a bunch of email. So I started reading. Some groups put out a lot of email and most have none. So I deleted myself from a lot already, especially where the only posts have to do with dating or porn sites. But I have tried to participate a bit on several lists. One list I joined is a writers discussion group where you read a book and then get to discuss it with the author and the rest of the group. They have a lot of email and a bunch of relationships going on that I didn't expect. Still, I hope to be able to participate and improve my writing. Well, I have to have some writing to improve first I guess! I decided I had to get off my ass and write to George Bush Jr. so I did that today too. Now I have to get ready for phone taps and mysterious white vans that permanantly park across the street. I just had to make my offer to help end the war and fix America - and the world of course. So, we'll see how long it takes for the President to reply or if he hands my mail off to one of his lackeys like Ronald Reagan used to. Anyway, Kazoo thinks I'm kind of crazy for inviting all the federal scrutiny again, especially when the government is bound to just screw up again even if I do get to fix the current problems. I decided to not tell the Pres. that his advisors are lame, but it sure seems they are. I wonder if they have any advice to give at all? Locally, Cindy Boyd came by the studio this afternoon. She didn't win the city mayoral election like I had hoped. I don't think the guy who won is such a bad guy, I just didn't think he was the right person for mayor and she was. Now Mike gets a chance to show us what he can do. I sure hope it is more than just pimping us out to big money! Cindy is still on the city council though and I expect to be very active, especially as we move to Pleasant Grove and can go to more city meetings and be here to participate more. Cindy wants to have a Christmas celebration downtown this year, but I fear it is too late in the year to really draw a crowd. Last year was such a bust - it was embarrassing to see that Pleasant Grove really didn't give a crap about christmas. Well, she and Melanie from next door will probably talk me into something. I can put together one days entertainment maybe. Last year I got 7 full days of entertainers who stood outdoors in the cold and NOBODY showed up to hear them. I was so pissed! I found out recently at the city Heritage Festival that the city has it's own PA and people to run it. So last winter, when the private PA guy ditched out, I didn't have to drag my PA out there and stay out in the cold running it. I could have had the city come. Live and learn I guess.
So, if Homeland Security or the FBI don't dissappear me I might be helping Santa again this Christmas. Maybe I'll offer to sing - we could have an anti-war Christmas! Not likely!

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