Practically Freaking!

I'm trying really hard to get started on my writing projects. I thought I might start by posting some of my existing writings. They are mostly short pieces. So, I worked on some yesterday and they were all kind of about being a good person and a good neighbor or something - and then today, I get an email (on a list) from some local crackpot who happened to get elected to the legislature and happens to also be a vegan and who can't stand the idea that someone, especially me, might know anything about anything. This guy is ignorant and a bully. He acts like he's the health savior & martyr of the world. He kind of sucked off a lot of my energy today while he was busy embarrassing himself in front of the world. Oh, well. Life goes on I guess.
I sure wish people wouldn't attach to me for the sole purpose of proving they are better than me! What a waste of time and energy and - really - who cares?

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