Tumbleweeds are free

Tumbleweeds are free

Gregory “Doc” Lowrey

Detroit 1984

I must see that going nowhere

is going to be something which

I can’t agree to – life living, not living,

not down, up giving away.

Why is it not, which is?

Where life dies the pitch is

Give it up. Flip the whip.

Give in to the gardener,

the bandy legged pea puncher,

pruning your vines, cutting

you back to the stump,

taking a chance – your chance.

Why can’t I be rootless

not just in my mind

like now, you know…

tumbleweeds are free.

Everyone wants to twist me

in a shape that makes them

feel good, but – it’s them

not me, it’s not me, it’s them.

Them has got it…

got the whole damn world

and tho’ I don’t even want it,

I mean don’t even want…

it’s still root hog, or die

root-a, root-a, root-a……...rootabega.

Whole Life Ministries www.docloco.com


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