Yahoo Hell!

Ok, so I signed up for all these tattoo & piercing groups on Yahoo groups. Now, I have this huge group of lists I'm on - I didn't think about all the email they could generate.

So, I thought I would find the ones that were not active and delete them. But then I thought, why delete them? Why not write instead and see if there is any life there. At the very least, I could invite people to look at the tattoos and piercings I have done and have in galleries on my website - www.docloco.com.

Then of course, there are a few groups that I have started to participate in a little that are not dead, and I had to write to those also!

And, I am running this piercing special and so have lots of piercings. I am easily doing every day now, what I used to do in a week in piercings. I'm not used to so much work since we moved to Utah.

It is amazing to me how many people want genital piercings all of a sudden since the price is $25.

I decided last week to just leave my privacy screen up at my station, as I was getting worn out dragging it back and forth from the hallway.

Our Health Department guy came in today. He loves doing "surprize" inspections. Thank YCOD, we always pass on everything. He goes through your workstation drawer by drawer, sterilization room and even the bathrooms.

Meanwhile, our brand new receptionist is home sick again today. She's missing about a day every week so far and I'm pretty worried that I may not get to keep her. I have a couple of good applicants on hold, but I just hate to let someone go when they are otherwise doing a good job. Oh - she's pregnant. That makes a difference.

But still I need someone there on the job. I wish I could afford two receptionists. We had as many as three on at a time in Detroit. Oh - the good old days!

Our computer broke down and I hurt my knee screwing around with it. I had to make a show of trying something, even though I don't know crap about them.

I took it to the High School and the senior computer science class fixed it for free in less than 24 hours and it cost me $25 in parts for a new floppy drive and power supply. Pleasant Grove High Rocks! Thanks guys!

Bummer, was, our calendar is on the computer, so for two days, we had no idea of what work was scheduled or anything. We realized today that we could check our deposit slips, but the last two days were bizarre cause we never knew if we could take an appointment or not.

I even missed getting my own tattoo work done cause - it was in the computer! If my brain still worked I would have remembered on my own and still got my tat. Oh, well, there's still next week.

I did get to enjoy my oldest daughter Chrissy coming in to fill in today for my missing worker. She cancelled her shift at work just to come work here today - she's so sweet. My youngest girl, Jamie works the second shift for us - she's great too!

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