Happy Holidays

I don't know if I really am all that happy about the holidays. I don't enjoy all the traffic and hustle and bustle. I don't like to travel or have company much. I don't need any gifts and don't enjoy buying them. What's up with all that anyway?

We got to work a week ago today and found that we had been burgled overnight. We were able to get back up and going right away but not having insurance means our stuff is just gone. Our sneaky thief crawled through an old window in the back of the building that wouldn't latch right.

It all made a good opportunity for me to fix the window properly, and since Kita's favorite running tattoo machines were stolen, I got to repair and tune up other machines for her and she is very happy with the new ones.

We got to see half of our kids at christmas and half of our grandkids too. I really was happy to see everyone and missed most of those who couldn't come.

Now Kita and I both are suffering with depression from being stolen from. We both feel like zombies. Just have no interest in anything.

I need to write back to President Bush about winning and ending the war in Iraq.

My head is stuffy.

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