Happy Days

Kita and I had to put our dog Happy to sleep two days ago. She would be 14 this June and her hips had given out and she had dementia pretty bad so it was a nice thing for her. It was pretty hard for me though. Happy was a great dog. Nearly completely self trained and very well behaved. She was a Chow and Shepherd Mix and was very sweet and smart. As we were waiting for the deed to be done, I was surprised as I held Happy's head and stroked her face and side to find myself thinking about so many little events in her life with us. It was like you hear about your own life flashing before your eyes except I was seeing hers through my eyes. I couldn't stop. It was very unsettling and somehow pleasant, and I really wished I could have just taken the whole day off and done nothing else. I have never felt that way at human funerals or when burying other pets. I am really going to miss my friend and family member. We have lots of funny stories about her growing up in the tattoo studio in Detroit. She never did anything amazing or saved the world, but for a regular dog, Happy was about the best and most loving I have ever met.


  1. doc I am very sorry to here that happy died i really loved that dog she was a very good dog. I rember when she use to get out of the yard and i would find her running the treet of Orchard view Dr. she was a very well trained dog. I rember when I use to come over to the house she would never bark or act vishus. I rember when I would walk her with your step daughter Sarah she will be missed and will be in my prayers
    your old neighbor from Orchard view
    Janine Saverino