What the Hell!

So we work hard all week recruiting and intervewing for a new receptionist and then the girl we hire doesn't even show up for her first day. I just don't get it! I even went way out of my way to accommodate her DUI classes! This could only happen in Utah!

Now we have to start all over. If you or anyone you know would like a fun (but real) job, three days per week working for a bunch of wacky but really nice artists (see them here) you, or they, should come in and apply right away.

This job seems to be best for someone 17 - 19 years old. We have hired older people but those ages work best from our experience. The hours are Noon - 8 pm. The pay is good - and the fringe benefits are good if you like tattoos and piercings.

I wish I could just clone the receptionist I have now - or steal one of my daughters back from the "real" world.

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