George Bush Can Count Some Blessings

Yup, thanks to other people's tragedies in the recent rash of school killings and government (and other) pedophiles, President Bush can enjoy being out of the spotlight for awhile. Lucky him!

And can't people in decision making positions accept decisive research that proves over and over that it is the weakening of family structure and lack of home rule (working in the same community you live in) and the "easy numbers" that comes from criminalizing civilian victims of cultural collapse rather than the initiators - is what has created these problems in the first place - and that it can be fixed!

Why can't we mandate that all our politicans live in the poorest neighborhoods over which they are seeking responsibility and recieve what is the average pay for those they serve?
Excuse me - but Fuck those MotherFuckers!

Meanwhile of course, even more people - OUR PEOPLE - and other INNOCENT CIVILIANS - are being MURDERED DAILY in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. What is our Commander in Chief doing about it?

Well, if you can believe the news - (can you?) - Nothing. He doesn't listen to his advisors, they say. Well, I think that is likely a good move as his advisors have proven long ago to be total idiots that he was wrong to listen to all along.

But what is he replacing that with???

Listening to himself! Oh fuck - that's even worse!

I think Mr. George is a very likeable guy and very funny - much like Dan Quayle was. But he is also about as smart as Dan and that is a problem. And he thinks he is - vewy, vewy smart - which is an even bigger problem. So on a personal level, he could be fun to visit once every ten years or so for a few minutes. But on an official level - I believe he is a traitor to America, and just is too dumb to know it.

And who knows who to despise more - the lame, shallow and stupid (but nice) Democrats in Congress or the lame, shallow, self-serving, evil, subversive Republicans? Don't you just wish sometimes that there WAS an "EASY" button that just makes them all dissappear?

I am about to write another post on "Ending The War" and also on Health Care and Immigration since I know I have so many people (probably none) so interested in my take on these critical issues.

Also, thanks to new technological advances in blogging, I am going to be able to departmentalize my blogs so that if you are interested in accumulating evidence against me just on my disgust with government, you don't have to wade through my posts on the evils of religion (especially mormonism) and updates on my tattoo and music businesses.

This is going to take some time, as I have considered myself fairly techno-challenged. But with practice - I believe I am getting better. (I have been wrong before though) (Well, I say that but I might not really believe it!) Except of course for when I had faith in religion and the Presidency and Government.

I will say this again though - to President Bush. Quit Killing our kids needlessly!!!

We are in a war. We can't just "quit" and go home.
But we can fight the war like a war and not like a little boy in the white house pulling on his little penis all day.

1. Commandeer and close down all Media and Communications.
2. Evacuate all NON - COMBATANTS.
3. Circle the enemy.
4. Close the circle, flatten and kill (or kill and flatten) everything.
5. Repeat at the next city or other target.
6. Put local leaders to work orchestrating the building of "new" communities from the ground up using available materials - sand and mud - by hand, just like they did before the USA stuck their nose in thier business in the first place and tried to make them look, think and live like us.

7. Oh, by the way - why can't we develop the technology - though I'm sure we have it but just don't care to use it - to locate and eliminate all the land (and sea) mines that we and others have distributed all over the world? Could it be that our leaders who want to spread peace and love (via the threat of extermination) all over the world, really just don't care? That would be my guess.
More later.

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