Dear Mr. President - Part 1, 11-09-2005

In this post, I am going to keep my promise to President Bush, Myself and You (If you exist) to publicly post my letters to him if he failed to respond to them. He has failed to respond. I am posting. If you want to write him (and be ignored) yourself, write to the address on the letters below. I am including pictures of postal information followed by the letters themselves.

Well, that's the mailing stuff - Here's the letter - I don't know how to preserve my formatting, so I might replace this part later when I am more techno-savvy.

Whole Life Ministries

35 South Main Street

Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

From: Rev. Gregory “Doc” Lowrey - CEO

To: President George W. Bush

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

This letter is clearly marked

Personal, Private, for the President Only

RE: Ending the war

November 9, 2005

Dear Mr. President,

I know that you are overwhelmed, as am I, by the frustration and excessive human cost of the current engagement in Iraq and other areas of the Middle East.

Your staff appears unable to properly advise you to resolve this conflict in a satisfactory, timely and cost effective manner.

I’m sure you agree the excesses cannot be continued. It is time for decisive action.

I have experience in ending international conflict and was the sole architect of the plan implemented to end the cold war while President Reagan was in office.

I have a solution to end the war and effectively eradicate institutional terrorism in just a few short weeks.

You would immediately reduce cost and troop presence and avoid further civilian and anti-terrorist military casualties.

Time truly is of the essence. In fact it is already quite late in the day.

Thank you for your attention.

Please contact me personally,


Gregory “Doc” Lowrey

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