Dear Mr. President - Part 2 - 01-24-2006

As you may have surmised (since I have said it numerous times) by now, our dear President failed to even acknowlege reciept of my letter. So after waiting what I thought was an interminably long time (since I know he is busy) I finally wrote this second letter to him.
As you can see, I thought to get a return reciept this time to show that my letter was actually recieved by the White House - and it was. Did I get a reply or an acknowlegement of reciept - Nope! I can't believe, since I had to live for years with Federal Agents parked across from my house and listening on my phone that the White House would fail to check me out. If they did and then failed to contact me - then President Bush, in my opinion is guilty of TREASON and MURDER. Here is the letter:

Whole Life Ministries

35 South Main Street

Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

From: Rev. Gregory “Doc” Lowrey - CEO

To: President George W. Bush

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

This letter is clearly marked

Personal, Private, for the President Only

RE: My Letter to You of November 9, 2005

24 January, 2006

Dear Mr. President,

It has been 47 days since I wrote to you on matters of extreme urgency.

I am dismayed that I have yet to receive your reply.

In my letter of November 9, I wrote regarding Iraq:

“I have a solution to end the war and effectively eradicate institutional terrorism in just a few short weeks.

You would immediately reduce cost and troop presence and avoid further civilian and anti-terrorist military casualties.”

Did this not interest you?

Did your staff fail to report to you that it is reasonable to expect I can make good on my offer?

With one short letter, I did what no President from Kennedy to Reagan or Khrushchev to Gorbachev or any President or diplomat of any nation since (or before) could do or has done.

Did your “intelligence” fail to show it was indeed I alone who provided the plan that ended the cold war and ultimately freed Eastern Europe and ended that threat of MAD?

I conducted a one letter war with the biggest and most disagreeable superpower in the world (at the time) and won without a single casualty. Not a single shot was fired.

The world was unaware that anything was even happening till it was well over. Do you remember?

I, like you, was born under the threat of a war of total annihilation. I, like you, grew up watching the United States and the USSR putting all their efforts into intensifying rather than reducing the world threat. Do you recall? Do you remember how useless d├ętente’ was?

Do you also recall that suddenly, without warning the war was over?

Can you afford to ignore my offer to end war, save life, establish peace and eradicate terrorism – all while restoring America to a position of genuine leadership and reversing your own swan dive into permanent disgrace?

If you had responded back in November, we could be pulling out of Iraq today with our mission accomplished and you would be enjoying heroic appreciation rather than threats of Impeachment. What is up with you Mr. President?

It should be even more obvious to you by now that your advisors have led you down a sad and sorry path.

Need I remind you that at your door is being laid the deaths of many, many American sons and daughters who have sacrificed their lives to support your drive to fight terrorism?

It should give you pause that so many soldiers and civilians are dying needlessly.

All of America shares in your humiliation and disgrace as day after day the number of dead for which you are becoming more and more responsible increases and shows no sign of abatement.

The country is losing faith in both your vision and your ability to realize your goals.

I would have expected your Intelligence to recommend you accept my invitation.

That failure is further evidence of the poor quality of your staff. Do they want you destroyed? That is what is happening. How can they (and you) be so off the mark?

America needs their present Commander In Chief to step up and make it happen.

Can you be a big enough man to admit you have trusted advice that you should not have and replace those bad advisors instead of going back to a soured well again and again?

Somehow, I believe that you really want to be an asset to America and leave office as a valued patriot instead of being regarded a criminal who had (or needed) to be removed so that someone better could finish what you started.

Wouldn’t you rather clean up your own mess, restore your reputation and save many lives in the process?

The urgency of these issues require I not allow myself to be put off any longer.

I stand on firm ground and have my own conscience to live with.

You need to take a posture that makes sense. You are really blowing it Mr. President!

President Reagan had the same problems as you regarding idiot advisors.

He was also too blinded and frightened by his own rhetoric to take a clear and logical path to peace.

I made two appeals to President Reagan, both of which he failed utterly to comprehend and immediately ignored.

I then turned to President Gorbachev who lost no time in following my advice to the letter and he became the Great Liberator, while President Reagan was left “eating his dust” so to speak, a mere bystander, a spectator rather than a participant in the sudden miracle of freedom. The whole world witnessed him NOT being a part of it.

All of President Reagan’s posturing “after the fact” only showed him to be the poorly scripted figurehead he was, while President Gorbachev was left to bask forever in the praise of the world that could have been President Reagan’s had he not ignored my advice.

The issues at hand are so important that I cannot retreat simply because you and/or your advisors fail to consider or accept my present offer.

As an American and a true believer in “the patriot’s dream”, I can’t help but wonder - if you are sincere about serving America and protecting life and liberty, why you are pursuing paths both domestic and foreign that disserve America and destroy life and liberty?

How can you sleep? How can you stand to wake? How can you eat and play and enjoy your own family while your own neighbor’s children are being blown to pieces because of a crappy plan?

How can you stand to take breath when your decisions are daily causing unnecessary death and suffering for so many?

Is it perhaps as with President Reagan, that I need to approach some other world leader who has “eyes to see and ears to hear” better than you?

These are desperate times Mr. President.

I should think you would be feeling pretty desperate by now.

It is obvious you have no idea what to do. Do you think you can bluff your way through this? People are dying. What are you thinking? Why won’t you wake up and smell the stink on your coat-tails? Your present advisors are worse than useless. They are destroying you and causing YOU to waste life and compromise freedom.

It is your failure that will be remembered however, not theirs.

It is not too late to succeed in the goal to eliminate terrorism worldwide.

Someone, somewhere, sometime will have to step up and do just that. It is inevitable.

It is in your power to have that person be you.

I feel an obligation at the very least to myself to ensure that you have the opportunity to be that someone, or to leave it as part of your legacy that you chose to ignore and pass on that opportunity and leave it for someone else - someone no more “capable” than you, but simply more willing to actually be the Leader of the Free World rather than the Puppet Clown that you are more and more being portrayed to be.

I’m sure you have already thought, “Well, Dr. Lowrey hasn’t even given me a clue what he has in mind.” “Why should I listen to him?” “My Intelligence says that he is a nut!”

The truth is I have already proved myself just as those who advise you now have already disproved themselves.

And you know - they should know better. It reminds me of the tailors in the story of the Emperors New Clothes. You know the story. The tailors knew the clothing did not exist, but through flattery and an appeal to the Emperor’s vanity, they succeeded in enriching themselves while humiliating their benefactor and leader. And it took a little nobody like me to point out what should have been obvious to everyone.

How long will you delude yourself? Why do you seek such humiliation? How will you hold in the shame? How will you carry the burden of all the lives you waste?

Will your legacy be “Murderer, Traitor, Fool”? Please forgive the tough talk Mr. President, but it’s not a stretch – the majority are saying those things already!

Come on Mr. President. Right now you are the man in the position to take care of this business. Why not let it be you? Why not end your term a hero and leader instead of continuing down the miserable path you presently pursue?

There is so much to do. There are so many areas that need help. Eastern Europe, Asia, India, America for God’s sake!

This terrorism problem could be taken care of so quickly and easily and practically without casualty.

You would have plenty of time left in office to wipe out gang control in America and strengthen families and the economy. It can all be done by a leader willing to do it.

I would be willing to help with that also. We would all be shocked at how easy and quickly it could be done.

If President Gorbachev had been the author of the end of the Cold War instead of me, he would have been able to do more than just dismantle the Soviet Union and tear down the Berlin Wall.

He would have been able to rebuild those countries. Too bad he didn’t know how. Too bad he didn’t come back to me for more help. He was kind of dumb for failing to do that, wasn’t he?

Please decide to leave office a Nation Builder and not drag this minor task of eliminating terrorism out to the end of your term and then languish in disgrace forever.

Your failure to act on my invitation can only lead me and the world to a very few possible conclusions:

a. You have a personal hidden treasonous agenda.


b. You are sincere but have been deceived and/or misled by your advisors


c. You are incompetent and/or stupid

Since I do not know you personally, I won’t speculate about which option or combination of options may appropriately describe your true position but the rest of the world is very willing to speculate about it.

I really want to help you be the President you continue to claim you want to be.

It is not good domestic policy to have the President “down the drain”.

I surely don’t want to see you on trial demonstrating to the world whether the President of the United States of America is just acting dumb or if he is really stupid.

Please Mr. President; it is in your power to not let it play out like that.

There is not unlimited time to effect victory in Iraq.

You have wasted too much time since my last letter.

We could have ended the war already.

I am not willing to wait another 47 days filled with new deaths daily.

For your benefit, I have kept these correspondences private.

Failing a timely response, I will approach other world leaders and post to the media beginning with my correspondence to you.

Thank you for your attention. Time is of the essence.

Please contact me personally,


Gregory Lowrey

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