Gay Marriage Again!

New Jersey has determined that "Equality Under The Law" is a good and just and fair thing, even when applied to homosexuals!

We now have to hear from all the people who demand "rights" for themselves which they so easily try to deny to others.

There have always been homosexuals. Today it may seem like there are more, but I doubt if there are.

Today it is just (a little) safer to let your gender preference be known.

Let's all Get Over It!

It is not going to make gays less gay or make fewer people become gay if "Equality Under The Law" is applied to homosexuals.

It is not going to make any-one's children decide to "become" gay, if indeed a person can even choose to which gender they find themselves attracted.

There is no way around the FACT that mandating a certain standard of acceptability in adult relationships, as in the recent rash of "Marriage Amendments" to State Constitutions is anything other than an attempt by one segment of society to FORCE THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS on another segment of society.

That is just wrong.

It is also Unconstitutional.

The ability to determine "Community Standards" does not logically extend to EXCLUDING RIGHTS from one group, while extending the same rights to another.

That is just plain bigotry.

Perhaps these supporters of STATE SPONSORED RELIGION, which is all that these attempts to establish marriage as excluding anything but the majority "Christian" belief of "one man and one woman" are, should be required to wear white sheets like their more honest bigot brothers.

How any (supposed) religion can claim to represent "christian" values, while teaching FEAR and HATE is just beyond all comprehension.

When our Government supports the violation of one of the basic tenets of the United States Constitution and sponsors or attempts to sponsor STATE RELIGION it is in my opinion, TREASONOUS.

How can we sustain and pay representatives who openly discriminate against any particular segment of our population?

And if we can discriminate against one segment of our citizenry, what is it that prevents us from discriminating from any other?

Where are the HUMAN RIGHTS we are supposed to believe in?

Where are the CIVIL RIGHTS that were established for all Americans.

Why is it that we are a nation, the majority of whom, apparently do not actually believe in the philosophy of Freedom in spite of all their flag waving and chest pounding?

Why is it that so many people in this country think it is perfectly fine, RIGHTEOUS even, to force their religious beliefs - which run counter to their pretended religion - down the throats of their neighbors?

This IS NOT a nation where "The Majority Rules"!

This is a nation where the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS of Every Single Person are PROTECTED from just this sort of bigoted violation.

It is a basic right for consenting adults to pursue their natural inclinations as long as they do not violate any one else's basic human rights in the process.

But in our Great Nation, we routinely DENY FREEDOM to one Class of Citizens while demanding protection of the same freedoms for another class.

The United States Constitution was designed to protect us from those who would seek to practice Class Rule.

We need to WAKE UP as a people and stop being afraid of our neighbors just because they have different interests and attractions than we do.

We need to PROTECT our neighbors in their rights to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Just as we cannot give what we haven't got, we also cannot expect to receive to ourselves liberties that we are unwilling to give to others.

If we believe in America, we must follow the Law and extend the same opportunity to all of our citizens.

We cannot force our neighbors to live according to "our" religious beliefs.

That is simply UnAmerican and Illegal.

Isn't it about time that we kicked the crooks out of government at all levels?

Isn't it about time that we stopped being crooked and bigoted ourselves?

The idea of "allowing" a different type of "legal rights" for homosexuals, because some of us just can't stand the idea that two boys or two girls will call their commitment "marriage", is ludicrous and AGAINST THE LAW!

It only proves the intellectual and moral weakness of those who propose such things.

The very definition of "real" marriage as "a close and intimate union; the state of being joined or united or linked" demands that we accept "gay" marriage or any other kind of marriage arrangement between two or more consenting adults who choose to make a committed personal union.

Definitions which simply describe the state of bigotry that exists in our nation need to fall out of common use and certainly out of practice.

How hard can it be for Judges and Legislators to support and sustain the law?

It is ILLEGAL for any Judge or State or President to attempt to deny all the rights of MARRIAGE , with all of it's privilege, including the appellation "Marriage", to any citizen who seeks that Legal Relationship.

We cannot afford, as a nation or as individuals to polarize, punish or deny equal privilege to any class of people by reason of our "so called" religious beliefs.

We need to legalize "Marriage" for all consenting adults regardless of whether that Marriage falls within our personal preference.

We need to conform to the Constitution and quit trampling on our neighbors inalienable rights.

Let us Obey the Law.

Let's insist that our Government Obey the Law also.

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