Marilyn Monroe Murdered by US Secret Service?

Marilyn Monroe

In a recent Reader's Digest article (October 2006) Anthony Summers claims that 44 years after Marilyn Monroe's tragic death, just released government documents raise new questions about what really happened.

What questions were raised? Well the main question is whether Marilyn committed sucide as has been claimed all these years, or if she was murdered by the United States Secret Service!

The article begins: On July 26 an official of the FBI's Domestic Intelligence Division -- the counterespionage department -- filed a cryptic note at headquarters in Washington based on reports from agents in Mexico City: "Info received from informants [names deleted] advised Marilyn Monroe attended a luncheon at the residence of Peter Lawford with President Kennedy. Informants characterized Monroe's views as positively and concisely leftist."

This strange document and others filed under Marilyn Monroe -- Security Matter -- C (the "C" stood for Communist) were to be withheld by the U.S. government for more than 40 years.

The upshot of this investigation and these secret documents recently released by the FBI is that then Attorney General Robert Kennedy who was (like his brother President John Kennedy)involved in an ongoing romantic affair with Marilyn Monroe, shared unsolicited top-secret information with her during their sexual encounters that violated National Security.

Due to the indiscretion of Robert Kennedy, the article asserts, the Secret Service murdered Marilyn because she had friends who were supposed communists and it was feared she might pass on the information that the Attorney General had illegally disclosed to her.

Were her friends militants and revolutionaries, foreign agents perhaps? No, they were American actors, many of whom thought it was interesting to be a communist during those days in the 1960s. College students were reading Chairman Mao's Little Red Book and it was very popular at the time to espouse communist and socialist rhetoric. For the most part it didn't mean anything and was just a passing fad; a mere footnote in American Pop history. Listen to John Lennon's (or the Beatles if you will) song "Revolution" as a good example of the climate of the "hip" culture at the time.

But Marilyn wasn't participating in these rallies. She attended a communist party meeting or two at the invitation of friends she was visiting who were also not activists, but merely actors who were interested in socialist concepts, the notoriety of being "on the edge" politically or perhaps just liking a good party with friends.

But because our Attorney General couldn't keep his mouth shut during sex, she was murdered just on the off chance she "might" say something to the "wrong" person. The evidence is not concrete but it is compelling. Read the full story here.

That this represents the mentality of our government then and now does not IMO require even the tiniest stretch of the imagination. How can we hope to have National Security with psychopathic idiot killers at the wheel? Is it any better today? Really, is it any better?

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