Islam Vows To Kill All Christians 100,000 Iraqi Christians Flee

Iraq's Christians Flee - Extremist Threat Worsens - Churches Bombed - Ministers Murdered

Well, it's not as important I guess as our congressmen's pedophillic activities. And it's not as important as "supposed" nuclear testing in N. Korea. And it's not as important as any variety of annual natural "near" disasters, flooding, earthquakes and such.

I would think that the so called Christians who think they are a coalition of righteousness and concern about family values and all would be perturbed. And I would think that their self-proclaimed leader of the civilized world and Commander In Chief of the best equiped military in the world (some of our weapons actually work!) would think that the threat to "kill all christians" would capture their attention.

But no. These couch potato christians are really only interested in sex and sex scandal. And why would they care about christians in Iraq anyway?

Christians and the Religous Right. What a bunch of lip flappers. What a bunch of hypocrites! What a bunch of idiots who vote them into office. And now they turn out to be either sex perverts and child sex abusers or the people who cover for them.

Ok, so maybe Pope Benedict XVI is an idiot too. That wouldn't be too surprizing would it? But maybe he was right on when he quoted a 14th-century Byzantine emperor as calling Islam “evil and inhuman”.

And now, as if Islam hasn't proved it sufficiently already, the religious leaders in Iraq and civilian political groups demand - not the death of the pope - but the murder of all christians (except the pope), even though they aren't catholic.

And which christians are the Iraqi's going to murder. Well, all of their neighbors and co-workers of course. So not only are they bombing churches and killing priests, but they are driving upwards of 100,000 people out of their own country.

So, I want to ask; are these the people President Bush thinks are capable of democratic self-governance? Are these the people he thinks we should train in advanced military social control tactics? Are these the people that our president thinks are going to be valuable allies in a new democratic Iraq?

And what about Congress and the Senate and the lame-ass United Nations for fucks sake? How can it be possible that so many of our elected public representatives seem to just not care? Is there some kind of overpopulation issue they are trying to address by killing off our American boys and girls in Iraq. How can they read the daily death toll of American soldiers and ignore it?

If they are not ignoring it, why aren't they DOING SOMETHING about it? How can they be politic-ing and glad-handing and worrying over who is going to get what political goodies instead of doing something about issues that have value?

The proof as they say is in the fucking pudding! President Bush and those who work with him are talking out both sides of their mouths. It is an insult to all of us, especially the families of live and dead soldiers and all those who served in previous wars and conflicts and gave themselves in "real" public service and an affront to the constitution and all it stands for including the struggles and deaths of "real" patriots and heros to have these Washington IDIOTS make statements about how concerned they are and how "christian" they are while they are in front of the cameras, and then turn around and party and engage in blatent self-promotion instead of dealing with the issues that are destroying the freedoms they pretend to support while they enrich themselves and murder thousands of their own citizens and promote the farce that they call "The War On Terrorism".

What war on terrorism? What a sick, disgusting joke on the american public.

Since I can't seem to get any of my own political "leaders" to pay attention to these real issues, I thought I could get some help or direction toward which world leaders might be able to make some difference by contacting the last politician who was willing to listen to me - Mikhail Gorbachev. But this guy is impossible to reach. His own foundation, of which he is the president and CEO doesn't have any listing for him, and the email address on their website for the american director of that agency is a bogus email address. His official "american" library has no idea how to contact him. The Nobel Prize folks aren't allowed to give out information like that, but do direct you (me) to endless pages of stories about their laureates, none of which give any information about how to contact him.

I find this very frustrating. As much as I despise our loser so called leadership, not just in America, but around the world; and I would never want to associate with them on an intimate level, I wonder if the only real alternative to suffering along with the rest of you under the insincere, lame-ass, so called leadership of these asses, is to actually run for office myself.

Yeah, I know how idiotic that might sound to just about everyone, especially me! What office could I run for? Well, I suppose President. What other office can get attention paid to issues of import and publicly shame those politicians who violate the public trust. (hmmm...wouldn't that be all of them?)

We need somehow to eliminate special interests, professional lobbyists and greedy, selfish, deceptive (so called) public servants. If anyone is actually reading these posts, I apologise for having to always include "so called", but I can't help it. I can't call these criminals public servants when they are that in job title only. They are not public servants. They are self-servants.

So, about four years ago, I helped get a couple cars unstuck in the mud and snow and my 3-piece suit is still all mud splattered. I guess I should take it to the cleaners, so I can "look right" for america. I doubt anyone could get elected in america if they weren't dressed right, since in america APPEARANCES ARE EVERYTHING. Reality is, of course, nothing!

Ok, I'm going to run for President of the United States of America in the next election. I think that gives me about two years to get it done. I already have a platform and I fully intend to stick to it whether I get elected to any office or not.

I think I will start a web-site and call it Dollar for Democracy and steal someone elses idea of asking people who care about America and Americans (as well as the suffering of people around the world) to send a dollar to get me elected.

The Internet is suppose to have power. I guess I will get to see how much power it has.

I don't give a crap about the money. I hate special interests. I despise professional lobbyists. I believe in going directly to the people and finding out what their needs are. There are some very obvious needs in public health and welfare, security and terrorism right here at home that need to be dealt with.

If the truth will indeed set people free, which is something I believe wholeheartedly in, perhaps I can succeed. If you want to help, speak the fuck up.

If it is the "Christians" who get people elected, then perhaps they should put less effort into believing "in" Jesus and start actually "believing" Jesus instead. I mean, instead of being hypocrites and spending their energy "praising the lord", as if he would care or need or require that anyway, and instead start practicing what Jesus was claimed to have preached!

The Christians of America (and elsewhere) need to quit beating their chests over how much they "love" God and start showing it by serving their fellowman and caring for the planet and creatures they claim "God" created instead of raping the planet and all it's populations.

The love of money (the root, supposedly of all evil) and the sexual voyeur mentality of christians is just the kind of thing Jesus (supposedly) hated. Such greed, sex and power-mongering is, of course all the history of Christian Leadership is composed of.

So, vote for me. I hate all hypocritical assholes equally. But I also support true equality and have a genuine interest in the health and welfare of all people and I believe that all people have the right to pursue their interests unmolested by people or government. Those interests of course, end - where the next guys interests begin. Equality - protected by law. Unfair advantage, enforced by illegal acts against honest and hard working citizens needs to be replaced by something that works. Do you have the courage to vote for me? Or are you just another lame-ass victim or victimizer?

When your church gets car bombed, or your minister gets beheaded; and how easy would that be to do for someone who is committed to die themselves in the process (?); when it is too late to prevent such atrocities here in our own country, then will you wake up?


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