Terrorism War Doomed Under Current Leaders

If our Government cannot address and resolve terrorism at home, such as street gangs and abusive government policies, agents and agencies, why should we believe they can resolve terrorism abroad?

It is an undeniable truth that “You can’t give what you haven’t got.”

In this case, it is true that our Government, on a local and national level have not provided security to our neighborhoods where they have ultimate opportunity and cooperation.

We still have American Terrorists terrorizing Americans and we still have poverty stricken neighborhoods in America.

What makes anyone think that ANY of the current so called Leaders in America can deliver Freedom and fight terrorists in foreign lands when they can’t or don’t care to do it at home?

If the politicians who are supposed to be fighting terrorists at home or abroad are using tactics of terrorism such as fear mongering and distraction - pitting neighbor against neighbor to achieve their political ends, what makes anyone believe that they are going to be able to eliminate that which they themselves are?

We need to get the crooks and terrorists out of our Government.

What makes anyone believe that there is a worthwhile candidate for office in ANY major political party?

Does anyone not believe that in order to gain the support of a political "party", you must to some degree or another sell out your public?

It puts a whole new light on the phrase, "Pick Your Poison".

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