New Hat - Same Dance?

Well, now that we have Democrats in Power, we will get to see if they can make any changes to give America back to Americans!
I wouldn't put too much hope in that though since the Democrats seem to be as much weenies as the Republicans are right wing rights-crushers.
I would think that one of the first things the Dems would do is repeal the so called Patriot Act. Remember that the one that was passed was not the one that Congress got to review. It was substituted at the last minute and no one in Congress even knew what was in it! But since there was not time to read the substituted "act" which supposedly was written by lobbyists and not even by actual legislators, it was passed unread!
Can you believe the idiocy and laziness and don't give a fuck attitude of our so called Representatives?
I think they all need their asses kicked - all the way home.
Let them all lick their own ass holes on their own time and their own dime.
Anyway, it will be interesting to see if the New Congress has any balls.
And not surprising if they don't.


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Well, if they had blogs, I'd bash them all! Politicians suck no matter what party they're in. In order to hold ANY kind of political office, you have to become an asshole to get there even if you were a nice person to begin with. Nice people can't co-exist with vultures. So say no to politics kids! They're bad for you.

  2. Why yes - exactly Goldilocks. You have it precisely nailed...er..I mean, thanks, I really like it when people agree with me.

    Naturally, it makes me feel you must be exceptionally intelligent.

    So if a candidate must basically sell their soul to get the support of ANY "party" then why would anyone feel inclined to trust and one of them when their very existence as a party candidate proves they are all - every single one - sellouts on the most basic level already?

    Our political system is anti-constitutional and evil (if you believe in evil)(if you don't it's what evil would be if you did believe in it)


    Division Never Was Harmony.