Pining For Civilization?? I'm not dead!

But I feel ready!

Yeah, I've been saying it for years now. I want to be back in civilization!

Well, now I've been driving 9 hours a day for 5 days and have gotten a taste of civilized traffic in Tulsa and Saint Louis. That sucks.

I spent 9 hours today driving in the rain and wind.

Tomorrow's fun dip back into civilization - Chicago! I don't think I am ready for that!

I got to visit my daughter in Grand Junction, Colorado though and that was nice.

Then we dropped down to Gallup, New Mexico and visited with our son and his wife and daughter.

Gallup has the coolest old cemetary. If you go there, stop and see it.

Kita shot a bunch of video there and likely some will show up in one of her videos.

Next stop was to visit friends who own a tattoo studio in Tulsa (almost as restrictive as Utah)

But after dinner in Chicago tomorrow, it's off to Detroit where supposedly we will kiss the stinking concrete and feel at home - maybe.

Two days to go and my car sounds funny - well not funny, but not right.

I'm too fried to write anything much and haven't been in touch with any news or anything, so, I'm just checking in.

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