My Major Gripe About Utah

Ok, so it looks like I've been pretty lazy lately. Not so.

I decided to take a break during all the gender bending hoopla in Washington till everyone decided again just who they were and what they were for.

I don't know that it has gotten any better.

But I've been back in Michigan for about five weeks now and have been pretty overwhelmed by the real world here. I love it.

I have to go back to Utah in another week and aside from missing the few people who work for me there, I don't really want to go.

So, there is one basic problem with Utah.

Utah is unable to sustain life except by artificial means.

That's pretty much it. Everything else extrapolates out from that.

Except the mountains of course. They are fabulous, but not too hospitable. It's hard to beat an August motorcycle ride on the Mirror Lake Byway. It's all up through the Uinta Mountains and is fabulously beautiful and uncrowded. It's the back way to Evanston, Wyoming - where you can get a real beer with your cookie.

So, in the words of good old dead pretend Jesus.

Build on rock, not sand.

Everything except the mountains is cheap, superficial and artifical - and - that is exactly how Utahn's like it best!

They would destroy all traces of individuality and culture in trade for a WalMart World. And that is exactly what every little (and big) town in Utah has been doing and nearly has successfully completed.

I suggest that the name of Utah be changed to NuCal.

I suspect that by the time all the houses that have been built and are still being built in record numbers in Utah have been filled with Californians (the only people who are buying or can afford to buy them) that finally Utah politics will break free from the stone age.

Till then, I think it would also behoove Utah to change it's State Motto "A Pretty Great State", which I think is pretty fucking lame anyway - to "The Screw Your Neighbor State".

So, there you have it.

My one sentence encapsulation of the problem of Utah and Mormonism.
Two great suggestions for making Utah better!

I feel my work for today is done.

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