Here We Come - Hopefully!

Yes, Kita and I are heading back to Michigan tomorrow or the next day. We are going to drive the Studebaker and pull a bed and other household items and my harley on my motorcycle trailer.
If I make it to Cheyenne, Wyoming then I'll feel like the rest of the trip will be no problem.
Our studio here in Utah is doing great.
All our apprentices are doing the best tattoos and piercings in the state - hands down.
We worked (Kita did most of the work as usual) on making an advertisement for cable tv here in Utah County. It will begin to air tomorrow. For her first effort, Kita did a great job. Now that we have one done and being shown, we can make several more and mail them in and Comcast will rotate them for us. Pretty cool.
We are really counting on the extra advertising bringing in more clients so that our piercers can make a decent living and also so we can develop the kind of traffic we need to maintain if we are going to have 7 functioning stations there.
I'm hoping to have about 12 people working there full time within the next 24 months.
But now we have to concentrate on getting our Michigan staff trained and finding a building and all that.
Also of course there is the grandson to play with,some of my daughters and their guys, and a big recording project that I finally can start since I finally learned how to use my recording software.
I guess I'm not going to get much relaxation this fall either.

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