Treason in Gainsborough Florida

Ok, I just can hardly believe that I have yet to hear one word about this kid's first amendment rights or the fact that he was asking a legitimate question (who has the right to say what is not? ) which was certainly germane to the purpose of the lecture and he was asking his question(s) during the appointed "Question/Answer" period of the event and presumably had the microphone (and hence the invitation to address the speaker) given to him and was doing nothing wrong by asking any question whatever.

It is not only his constitutional right, it was the exact purpose of the event. No one has addressed this.

Instead they focus on if he was handcuffed before he was tazered, like that makes a difference.

If I am attacked by a man with a knife and I shoot him with a gun, I will be arrested - though I was defending myself and never had any intention to interact with this guy in any way, because there is a "law" requiring "equal force".

For the police to tackle this young man or to touch him at all was an attempt to use force to prevent him from asking questions they deemed uncomfortable, even while the speaker (Senator John Kerry) could be heard saying, "let him ask his question" at least twice as I recall it.

Was it an abuse of "campus" police power?

Hell yes it was!

But guess what?

Since none of you got your legislators to protect you from the demons in office who created and benifit from "The Patriot Act" you now have no rights, (you can be picked up by the police based only on the individual officer's notion of "suspicion"), no habeus corpus (so you can be held without cause indefinitely) and no more right to a speedy and fair trial.


All that is gone with the so called "Patriot Act".

This is the Law that was switched overnight for a law different than the one written by Congress and instead - though everyone knew it was different and obviously many, many more pages in length - it was huge - and that it was written by lobbyists - and no body had time before the vote - as the new proposed law was delivered in the House just prior - to even read it.

Yet, it was passed unread.

And it made us slaves.

With no rights.

And no protections.

We are at the mercy of any local authority that chooses to fuck with us even though we be perfect citizens.

No body has talked about that.

What was the biggest and best idea that seemed to occur to nearly every television news producer in every town in America all at once - to focus on what it feels like to get tasered!

So instead of addressing the REAL NEWS - Oh, just subversion of the Constitution and establishment of a Police State, they each sent a reporter to the local police station to get tased on camera.

I guess since it "hurt, but not that bad", we now can excuse the violation of all we hold dear (you know, Freedom, etc.) because the boy has been presented as a sissy who cried louder than he needed to and protested when if he'd just let himself be manhandled and carried out (and likely charged - with something) everything could have gone on smoothly and no one would have even recalled the incident with the "rude" boy in Florida.

Are we sick and pitiful or what?

It's ok, they are suggesting that he was assulted because our reporters got one shot from a taser and they didn't think it was really that bad.

Is it ok if the only words that come to mind for me to all those network folks is FUCK YOU, YOU TRAITOROUS IDIOTIC BRAINLESS SERVANTS OF (dare I say) EVIL...?

Also, no one has mentioned the fact that this boy was surrounded by his peers, students who were interested in truth (supposedly) and interested in participating in free and public discourse (that is what Q&A is - discourse) and when the Nazi Storm Trooper like campus police descended on him the most any of the other students did was to pull out a dozen cameras to document the event.

Not one student tried to help this boy who OBVIOUSLY had broken no law, was not being disruptive and was OBVIOUSLY not trying to fight with the police.

While it is true that he was trying to not be restrained, he did not present a violent situation, the police used undue and unreasonable and un-equal force and most importantly - albeit slowly, viciously and aggressivly and violently attacked this student and no one stepped in to help.


Isn't it weird that so many people will deny the Holocaust because such a thing is "Just Not Imaginable" or assume that somehow (though they know it's not true) the victims "deserved" it.

How fucking sick is that?

Well, we all got to see it all day on television.

Who stole our freedom of speech?

Oh yeah, we gave it up so Bush could "fight terrorism".

What happened to Habeus Corpus?

Oh yeah, we gave it up so Bush could "fight terrorism".

What happened to Due Process (and a speedy and fair trial)?

Oh yeah, we gave it up so Bush could "fight terrorism".

How can something like this happen, especially in a University.

You know, a place that is designated for the free sharing of ideas.

A place where asking "hard questions" is supposed to be the mark of a superior student.

A place where diversity is celebrated and a serious attempt made to comprehend and learn to respect each other, including each others basic civil and human rights.

You know all that crap our forefathers died for and established America over and well, hell, it's what all those fireworks are for on July 4th. To remember living in a world where the air was filled to bursting with exploding bombs, rockets, smoke, horror, dismemberment, destruction and death everywhere.

Yeah, everyone like the firecrackers!
If you'd like to see a rebellion, try outlawing firecrackers?

But for the Constitution and the basic Civil and Human Rights it guarantees?

Well, it seems not many people give a flying crap about that!

I called both my Senators and my Congressman today about the vote on renewing the Patriot Act.

I was amazed when Senator Hatch's office aid claimed there was no vote today on that legislation.

But there was.

Did you call or email your Senators and Congressmen?

Well, if you didn't - aren't you a cheap scoundrel yourself.

Some people would say that if you won't stand up to protect your freedom that you don't deserve any.

I have a few reservations about such a blanket condemnation because I know we have been doped up and dumbed down by the Gooberment just so we WON'T try to protect ourselves from their very evil selves.

Hey - Anybody want to WAKE UP?

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