Christmas Eve at Work in Utah!

Well, everyone that works for us at Happy Valley Tattoo thought they needed a three-day weekend over Christmas.
Since Kita and I had to come out here over a month before schedule we feel like we are here to work - plus we don't have any invitations to anywhere out here - so we are working, just the two of us at the studio today.
And it's fun.
I've done a few piercings and Kita just finished a cute tattoo, we have some goodies out for customers and we have about 4 hours more here today.
We spend so much of our time nowadays in training and working on the new association and generally dealing with the gooberment and writing about social issues and health and stuff that it is easy to forget how much fun it is to just tattoo and pierce and deal with customers.
We have played Christmas music at the studio every day since we got here (last Wed) and just got to the point where we can't take any more.
Thought we might make it through the rest of the day but we are switching to something - anything - else.
It looks like the blizzard they forecast is just showing up here, I'm sitting by 20 feet of window and it's like a big screen tv of white and windy - lots of cars out though and as usual (for Utah especially) the SUV's blowing down the road like it's sunny and dry. (I wish they would get a clue and SLOW DOWN)
We took the advice off the TV and did our errands before work and since it's suppose to be cold and snowing all week we got extra so we are ready to be stuck at home.
Lucky for us it's a short walk to the Grocery and Video store.
Well, I have to hurry and take the dogs out so their poop don't freeze half way out.
That would be a problem!
Merry Xmas and all the other Holidays you celebrate.
I am going to go back to writing about social issues and lay off the idiot party candidates for a bit so I hope you find something more worth reading here in the next few days and weeks.
I don't really aspire to be President but I'm not hearing anyone else that is more qualified - that's scary I know! So remember, if you write me in next November, I'll set you free.
If you aren't sure I mean it, just ask me - I'll tell you.
And by the way - that Kita Kazoo - she rocks!
And she's a hot babe - lucky me, eh!
What a surprize that it would take a couple like us to bring dignity back to the White House and Freedom back to America and Americans.
Do you want freedom?
Do you really care?
Do you care that your Gooberment is trying to scare you into never going outside or trusting your neighbors - or helping them?
Oh well, Happy Holidays!
And, thanks to all the wonderful people who came in to the studio to visit us today.
We both enjoyed giving you services and we all had a lot of fun.

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