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From Police Magazine

December 28 2007

Norse God Worshipping Prison Inmate Sues Utah DOC

A Utah prison inmate is suing the state Department of Corrections claiming that its policies prevent him from practicing his religion.

Michael Polk, who is serving time for aggravated assault and robbery, filed the suit in federal court accusing the DOC of denying him items that he needs to practice the Asatru religion, which is the worship of Nordic gods like Odin, Thor, Tyr, and Heimdal.

Polk's complaint says that he has followed the Asatru faith since 2005. It argues that in order to perform its rites, Polk must have a Thor's hammer, a prayer cloth, a mead horn, a drum made of wood and boar skin, a rune staff, and a sword. The complaint adds that the sword can be made of cardboard.

The plaintiff says that he asked the prison chaplain for the items that would allow him to perform the rites, but his request was refused. Later prison officials allowed him to have a small Thor's hammer pendant. The other objects were denied.

"You may purchase a towel from the commissary for an altar cloth. You may purchase the book or books of your religion and maintain them in your cell," Prison warden Steven Turley wrote in a letter to Polk.

Polk is not the only Utah inmate to file a suit against the DOC that claims the state denied him the right to practice the rites of his religion. In 2002, the state supreme court rejected an inmate's claim that the state was violating his rights by refusing to let him drink blood or partake of a sacrament supplied by a female vampire.

Doc's Note:
Wasting the Gooberments time and money. Favorite pastime of ppl in prison. Wait till you read my ideas on prison reform!


  1. Anonymous3:25 AM

    He's just looking for... one divine hammer!

  2. Um.....divine, in this case I guess...is in the ass of the beholder! I suppose more inquiring minds might wonder how many hammers one must sample before discerning which is truly...er...divine?
    Fortunately, in prison (so I've heard) opportunity abounds, so he and others may enjoy some sort of "religious" experience even without the support of their Prison Chaplain or Warden.
    And thank goodness "man on man" sex in prison (according to people in prison) is simply "taking care of manly needs" and does not make you a homosexual. (even if you like it and still do it when you are out of prison) (yeah, I think that's weird too - but I'm not homosexual and I haven't been to prison, so how would I know?)
    And I wonder when murderers and rapists and robbers and such consider homosexuality so horrible that they won't cop to it even when they do it - but murder and rape and robbing, etc. is ... well... ok, I guess, compared to being a homo!
    What a weird world!