Naked Truth

I'm really torn between working to save my students in Utah and Michigan and working to save America.

So I am going to try to do both at once.

Firstly, I think it is interesting to point out that Kita Kazoo, my darling and sweet honey is a butt buster!

It's her own very cute butt that she busts and she does it every day of the week.

I suppose I think I work about as many hours in a day as humanly possible on a continuous schedule.

I routinely work from about 9 am to 12 am, sometimes to 1 or 2 am. Those are 13 to 15 hour days, and I do it 7 days a week. (that is 7am - 10 pm Utah time, so don't bust my chops - ok?)

I think that working like that gets addictive and the more work I do, the more work I find that I need to do, so it is really a vicious cycle of work and more work.

Kita, I suppose, was raised with the popular (and most often true) notion that a woman has to work harder to get what she wants than a man (unless she utilizes her sexuality as a cheating mechanism and shortcut) and since she does not believe in cheating and does believe in level and fair play, she puts in more hours than me.

My honey, starts early (to me) and generally puts in 15 to 18 hour days.

She keeps claiming that she is going to take Sunday's off, but I can't recall one yet.

It is hard for both of us to get ourselves to put work down to do things we love, like hang out together and with our family and friends.

I'm sure our kids wonder if we really like them sometimes since we rarely seek them out for socialization and I really wonder if our few friends feel we care at all since we aren't comfortable not working.

But we do.

We love our children (all of them - even the dead and stolen ones) and our grandchildren, including the ones we are not allowed to see since we are no longer Mormons.

We are so non-accepted by our daughter Emily, a Mormon Fundamentalist (Polygamist for those unfamiliar with Orthodox Mormonism) that we aren't welcome to visit her home, since her "husband" thinks Jesus won't hang around their home if our tattoos are showing and we didn't even get notice when her last baby was born, not that we are welcome to visit those three grandchildren anyway.

Mormons are such narrow-minded, anti-Christian bigots anyway, and Orthodox (polygamous) Mormons are even worse.

But I do have some consolation with my three other grandchildren who I do get to have a relationship with and they are the highlight of my life I think.

I am still trying to figure out how to deal with Emily and her "husband" who I am pretty pissed at since he made a point of insisting (before their "spiritual" marriage) that he thought it was horribly wrong that Emily's first "husband" (she was a second plural wife in that "marriage") denied her any contact with her parents at all. Shane Bowles, the current pretend Christian, pretend husband insisted that he would make sure Emily and baby Christina and any additional grandchildren would be regular visitors to our home and that he would work hard to ensure we had plenty of opportunity to have a good and real relationship with them.

But he lied! And, why should I be surprised? His life and religion is a lie; how could his actions be different?

I remember Kita coming home from WalMart (yes WalMart has already conquered Utah pretty completely) where she had by accident ran into Emily in the parking lot.

She got a short (and very first) glimpse of our granddaughter Christina who was just over a year old.

They live quite close by, but we are not privy to their address.

Well, enough about that sad tale.

I've had plenty of liars in my life, especially in Utah and of course everywhere that I find Mormons, since lying is a critical component of their "religion" which has publicly established their own doctrines of "Lying for the Lord" and "Beating the Devil at His own Game" since the beginning. (that is part of why "the Church" will excommunicate - which means you are kicked out of Heaven forever and they tell God that He is not allowed to love or bless you, your wife (or wives), children, grandchildren for all Eternity, except in some cases where in their most charitable moment "the Church" will allow your relatives to remain in Mormon captivity IF they will deny you and shun you forever.

Well, that's the Mormon way!

And that is one of many reasons to hold Mitt Romney's Mormonism against him as a candidate for President.

There are three kinds of Mormons only.

It's pretty easy to see what kind Mitt is.

There is the kind that is a "TBM" True Believing Mormon, which is what I was in my 40 years as a Mormon and that kind is very, very rare. In fact, since Kita and I are no longer in "the Church", I don't know if there really are any "real" TBM's, though it's politically essential to claim to be one.

By the way, I was officially excommunicated (kicked out) of "the Church" for telling my Bishop that if I had to choose between obeying Jesus and obeying Gordon Hinkley (the current Mormon church President) that I would choose Jesus.

My wife, Kita, though never interviewed at all - was excommunicated at the same High Council Meeting (with neither of us in attendance) just for being married to me!

We just got a letter telling us that we were Kicked out of Heaven - with love! When I find it in my storage, I'm going to frame it and hang it proudly.

Well, she is glad about it too. Getting kicked out of the Mormon Church is a a real blessing and also a real achievement.

Too many people have found that "the Church" (I have to write it that way since they claim that they are the "only true and living church" and the "only authorized representatives of Christ and God", and the "only way to Heaven" and even though they are trying to downplay it nowadays, they still believe and quietly teach that "all other churches are of the Devil", in fact one of the things I consider most evil about Mormonism is their constant teaching that anyone who is not for Mormonism is a servant of Satan and any criticism of Mormonism is also Satanic, thus only Mormon sanctioned and mostly Mormon written literature is endorsed) - well, I know these side notes get lengthy, but you know it was delving into the details of Mormonism that led me to understand that "the Church" was actually Anti-Christ (as is most "organized" religion) and it is the failure of nearly all Mormons to study their religion in any depth at all that allows them to still be part of it, so thanks to those who bear with me on it - if there are indeed any readers out there at all - so most people find they cannot get "the Church" to remove their names from the church records because "the Church" is all about numbers.

Even after several Jewish Holocaust (yes, there were other Holocausts besides the Nazi/Jewish one) groups got "the Church" to remove Anne Frank from the church records, the Mormons re-baptized her, making her Mormon again (and counting her a "Member") at least 15 times, as they did with Adolph Hitler, though surprisingly, no group seems to be opposed to Hitler being a Mormon in good (though dead) standing.

In the Mormon Temples, that is what they do, baptize, ordain to Mormon priesthood and marry every dead person (and living ones too) that they can get the names of.

So, in Mormonism - and even though "the Church" no longer claims (though they still believe it) that one single drop of "black African" blood makes you a descendant of Cain (the supposed first murderer), thus making you unworthy of association with God's people and ineligible for entrance to (the highest) Heaven, they do still believe - and this would be a good question for Mitt Romney - that Adolph Hitler is Anne Frank's Priesthood Leader!

Hey, that brings us to the second kind of Mormon - since Mitt is obviously not a TBM.

There is the Uncertain Semi-believer. These people comprise a large bulk of active and nearly all in-active Mormons. They don't really know anything much about Mormonism, except that it claims to be "the only True Church" and that according to Mormonism, if they don't attend their meetings and pay their tithing they won't go to Heaven, will never get to associate with their family members for eternity, have polygamist sex (or any sex at all) after death, be Gods over their own worlds populated with their superior DNA and will basically be slaves to those who do attend church and pay tithing.

Very few Mormons understand that according to Mormon theology, only people (Mormon people) who have had literal face to face association (not dreams or visions) with Jesus and then deny it can go to Hell, which they term "Outer Darkness".

All the other people, bad Mormons and non-Mormons will go to one of two lesser Heavens where they will serve the "good" Mormon inhabitants (like Hitler) of the Highest "Celestial Degree" Heaven - FOREVER.

They serve from "below" as they are forever unworthy to actually enter the holy place, they never get to actually see God (their father) and only the people in the "second degree" heaven get to see Jesus if He feels like slumming for an afternoon in their pitiful "lower" heaven.

Since the Mormon Church constantly re-writes their books, scriptures and history, especially now that they are trying to convince "Christians" that they are the same as them - only "better", you really need to read from 1st editions of their histories and other literature.

The best, in my opinion, short history that dives right in to Real Mormonism is the book A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, written as a textbook for Mormon Missionaries by now dead Mormon "Apostle" LeGrand Richards when he was a Mission President (and Apostle) in the 1960's.

This book was accepted for years and years by "the Church" as a great missionary tool and is one of few books to be officially endorsed by the Presidency (essentially meaning by God and Jesus) of "the Church".

Anyway, this second kind of questionable believer, knows just enough to be afraid and even though they often hate the church (especially if they live in Utah) for it's anti-Christ, Nazi-like behavior toward them, they still have this nagging uncertainty - what if it is true, and I am in the power of the Devil?

Too many people go to their graves in this condition and live miserable lives, attending church, knowing they really don't "qualify" (which is also pointed out regularly in annual temple recommend interviews - not needing to be pointed out if you don't qualify for such an interview [attendance and tithing]) or not attending church and knowing deep inside that they are bound for eternal slavery and misery, knowing they could have enjoyed a greater glory, but they just couldn't get their asses out of bed on Sunday and fork over their paycheck to receive it.

I don't think that is Mitt either.

So there is a 3rd kind of Mormon - the Mitt kind.
This is the Mormon who is - though not believing a bit of Mormonism - a super Mormon - or if not a super Mormon, at least a full attendance, full tithe paying and temple recommend holding (you don't actually have to attend the temple, but you do have to have a current recommend) Mormon "in good standing" - for the POLITICAL ADVANTAGES.

I was a Mormon in Detroit when Mitt's dad George Romney was the Stake President there and I was quite familiar with the Romney family.

A "Stake" in Mormonism is a geographical group of congregations (usually 6 - 10). Each congregation is governed by a Bishop which is equivalent to a Pastor, who has two councilors and the "bishoprics" thus comprised are governed and answer to the Stake President and his two councilors.

So, George was Governor of Michigan, President of American Motors (Rambler, AMC) and Stake President of the Detroit Stake, (later renamed the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Stake).

George as I recall him, was a blow-hard, bigot and hypocrite. I used to get so mad every time I attended quarterly stake conference and had to listen to him pontificate and then prove he was too good to do the work he had just exhorted the congregation to do.

As an adult, I once had a big blowout with George (by now a Regional Representative of the Twelve Apostles) when he had a tantrum over me assigning a keynote speaker position to someone other than him and giving him a smaller room to speak in at a "single adult" conference I had put together.

George assailed me in the lobby over my disrespect for him in giving him a lesser audience and less prestigious position on our speaker roster.

Since I considered him a hypocrite and a fake anyway and had spent months trying to get him to commit to participate in this church "single adult" conference anyway, I basically took his hostile energy and turned it right back on him and showed George and a small audience that I was fully capable and unafraid to "tear him a new one" - though finding a spot to tear a new asshole in a total asshole is quite a challenge - but I guess Jesus helped me cause I did an exemplary job of it and I was thrilled that I got the opportunity to tell King George what I thought of him.

My wife Kita actually went to church each Sunday in the same congregation as the Romneys and Mitt's mom Lenore (also a Michigan state senator) was her Sunday School teacher for years. She has fond memories of Lenore - so I guess that's where Mitt's soft-side comes from - his dad was a real "hell-brand", but I always disliked Lenore, I guess just because she was married to George.

Anyway, I had a passing acquaintance with Mitt and his brother Scott. I didn't know the rest. I worked with Scott for over a year as he served as the attorney processing the sale of my father's Detroit chiropractic office after his death. Scott and I spent most of our time bashing heads over his Nazi approach to selling the business. I kept insisting on removing roadblocks to the sales agreement and he kept making more and more. Our sale had gone from friendly to antagonistic because of Scott, but I have found over the years that he really was doing a good job of being a lawyer and if you really want to screw someone and make sure they can't screw you back, he is just the kind of guy you should want on your team.

Of course I was all about Jesus and the Golden Rule and being friendly and all that, so I couldn't understand his evil lawyer ways. Unfortunately, the provisions he added that I removed and all the hostility that his demands engendered, did eventually end up hurting my mom in the transaction, but I believe that Romney planted the seeds of evil and the hostile feelings in the buyers mind that ended up hurting - well, just my widowed mom - Scott made just as much and the more "minutes" (hours and hours) he spent on making things harder, the more he made.

If you understand the lawyer world of "billable hours" (minutes) you will understand this.

I remember another Mormon attorney I used here in Detroit who actually used to appologise to me for his firms insistence that he call me every week ($85 for a 5 minute phone call) just to tell me that there had been "no changes". Even though he knew we were dirt poor, and trying to get some legitimacy for my daughter Emily his apologies still cost me $85 every week and after over a year of his "help" and insistence that only an attorney could get what I needed done at all, I finally took care of the problem myself for $15!

Oh, back to Mitt.
He is a "Political" Mormon.
Anyone who has spent even a month or two in Utah (NuCal), needs no explanation about how "Church Standing" plays such an integral part in employment and social opportunity.
I used to get so frustrated in Detroit when black people would play the "black card" - it was, and too often still is the first thing out of too many black mouths when they don't get their way - oh, I just despise that - but in Utah - the nearly entirely "white" population does the same thing with the "Mormon" card - but they do it in reverse.

I mean, when you apply for a job, it is routine to ask (even though it is illegal) "Are you a member of "the Church"? If you say no - you had better be the "gee whiz kid", and sometimes even that isn't enough - or forget about it.

Utah and Mormonism has such a black and white perspective that anyone who doesn't attend the Mormon church every Sunday is automatically assigned "Devil's assistant".

People stand up in the monthly testimony meeting (well it used to be very, very common but now they discourage it - in fact they outline what a "testimony" is and how to deliver it) still and cry over how they "left the church" but now have come back, and then reveal that they missed one, ONE meeting! Oh the power of a CULT!

One good lesson from Mitt's dad, who interestingly lost his very good chance to be President by for once telling the truth, is that for Mormons, running for political office is a leg up to power and position much higher and better paying than any elected position.

It doesn't really matter if you win or lose. If you "represent" the church well in your campaign and visit Utah and suck up (in Hinkley's private office) you become a candidate for Church Office, and not some little Bishop or Stake President office - something cool and life-long like a Regional Representative of the Twelve Apostles which if in that position you are a good little soldier, you might get promoted to be an actual Apostle and if you get that promotion and outlive all the other Apostles promoted ahead of you (it's a seniority system) you get to be (and this is every Mormon's dream (to be or be married to) THE PROPHET!

Believe me, when I was a Mormon Missionary (sorry about that) in the 1970's, every missionary had the same goal for after their mission - to marry Marie Osmond and become the Prophet! Hey, it's true! We all knew we were Fore-ordained to both!

Well, the leaders in the Church, despite the fact that they are usually already multi-millionaires already - remember - big money = spirituality in Mormonism - so riches are God's stamp of approval on you, but in High Church Callings, you get an "allowance from the church" even though you don't need it, and get to be placed on several boards of directors of the church's hundreds of businesses for which you get paid millions yearly for your attendance at the annual picnic (and photo op) - for life!

This is what Mitt is really after, I think.

He knows he won't be elected President of the United States, but he has a loftier goal - to be President of the Mormon Church.

Don't believe me? Enjoy your ignorance!

Well, Kita says I have errands to run and Xmas presents to mail, so look for Naked Truth #2.

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